Format Mac partition to remove unwanted files from PC

Mac is one of the most popular operating systems all around the globe. It is used by both individuals as well as professional users to fulfill their needs and requirements. People store their important data in several partitions known as volumes for the effective management of data. However, sometimes due to various reasons volumes gets corrupted or damaged. In such cases, it becomes necessary for the users to format Mac partition.

remove unwanted files from PC

There are several reasons which are responsible for the corruption of partition in Mac-like hardware or software malfunctioning, system corruption, and many others. Many a time, people need to remove unwanted files and organize the partition fresh. This situation also arises the need to format Mac partition. In order to perform this task, Apple offers an inbuilt tool known as Disk utility. It is an effective tool to format a partition in Mac OS X.

But most of the time disk utility tool fails to perform the task and leaves the process in middle. In such cases, third party mac partition manager tool is the most effective solution. With the software, you can easily format mac partition and resize according to your needs and requirement. It is designed with highly advance algorithm to make the task easier and effective for users. Some of the prominent features of the tool are:

1. It easily performs several tasks such as resize, delete and format.

2. It also performs batch operations to prevent risks of data loss.

3. It also allows you to undo the last selection that you made to perform an action.

4. It facilitates easy and quick formatting of partitions to completely wipe all data including virus and another malicious program.

5. The tool enables you to create a bootable DVD that could be used to perform partitioning operations.

The use of the software is the best way to format the Mac partition without any hassle. With the tool, you can perform the task completely and securely.

Hide Mac partition to avoid corruption in systems

Mac is one of the most advanced operating systems which is used by large numbers of users all around the globe. It is known for its superb performance and security. Mac offers the partitioning facility for the effective management of data. It is the process which allows you to divide the drives into discrete sections known as volumes. After partition, you get the separate drive which is not affected by the problems of other drives. However sometimes due to several reasons, people need to hide Mac partition.

Hiding the partition of Mac generally requires to block unwanted access to the volumes which can damage or corrupt partitions in Mac. In order to perform this task, Apple offers an inbuilt tool known as Disk utility which performs both the task to hide and unhide mac partition. In order to show and mount hidden partitions you need to follow the certain given steps:

First Quit out of disk utility and launch terminal to write the given default command:

  • defaults DUDebugMenuEnabled=1
  • Next, relaunch Disk utility and look for debug to appear alongside ‘Help’
  • After that click, the new debug menu and pull down and select “show every partition” so that a checkmark appears next to it.
  • Now you will be able to view hidden partition alongside mounted visible partition but they will appear in grey rather than black
  • Then Right click on the greyed partition to mount and choose “Mount [Drive Name]”
  • This way you will be able to find the hidden partition visible. To hide the debug menu again from the disk utility you can use disk default write commands: defaults write DUDebugMenuEnabled.

The whole procedure to hide Mac Partition is very complex and it is not easy for a novice to perform this task. In order to perform this task, it is better to use third party mac partition Manager. With the tool, you can easily perform both the task in just two simple steps. It easily Unhides Mac partition without any hassle. By using the tool you don’t have to go through any lengthy procedure. It can be performed very simply and with ease. Apart from these you can also create, delete and format the partition in Mac.

  • Partition Software Mac offering efficient Mac Volume Partition
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  • No requirement of any technical knowledge for using this Partition Software For Mac.
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