Latest technology advancements

The modern era has been an era of technological revolution and great advancement. The strides that technology has made in the last few decades are path-breaking and has led to a sea of changes in every aspect of human society. Technology has especially created new pathways in communication, connectivity, automation and computing. There are applications, machines and gadgets for tasks ranging from the smallest one to the most complicated. From the way we do business to how we consume our entertainment, the medical sciences to everyday interaction, there isn’t an aspect of our daily life which hasn’t been penetrated by technology.

The latest innovations in technology

The researchers and tech giants are constantly trying to launch newer cutting edge technology in order to remain ahead of the curve and be the torch bearers of latest innovations in human history. Thus Apple launching their first ever Smartphone was a giant leap in how phones came to be perceived across the world. Other developers followed suit and what resulted eventually is the most sophisticated devices in the form of latest Smartphones.

Nobody could have possibly imagined in the past that it was possible to transform a simple phone into a multipurpose gadget comprising of the most resourceful tools and innovative technology. The phones have come a long way since the days where it’s only purpose was calling other people. Today a Smartphone is essentially like a mini computer in our palms with almost all the features of working on a desktop being customized to make it compatible for use on the phones. From mailing your work colleagues to snapping a great photo, from finding directions on a busy street to watching videos for entertainment, everything is packed in our mobile devices. The latest Smartphone devices continue to push boundaries in terms of hardware as well as software in order to provide the best features for consumers.

One of the other big advancement in modern technology has been the introduction of AI. The artificial intelligence is one of the most significant technological development in the recent years. An increasing number of tech companies are focusing their efforts on improving AI based applications in order to provide the best product and services to its consumers. Facebook, Amazon and Google all have made considerable strides in AI by offering consumers various applications and highly productive tools that have amazing implementation in the day to day lives.

Augmented reality is another massive technological development of the modern era. The AR technology has completely transformed the experience of consumers through AR powered apps and devices. Augmented reality is essentially interactive experience provided by AR from real-world environment where objects of the real world are augmented by perceptual information that is generated by the computer. The AR transforms a user’s perception of the real-world surroundings and environment by casting simulated virtual reality which replaces the real world environment. The AR technology has a number of implementations in the field of gaming, healthcare, tourism, marketing and public safety.

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