Step-By-Step Installation Process For Gas Tank

Maybe your gas tank is leaking, punctured, or has been damaged, our qualified auto-gas mechanics will carry out a very high-quality replacement for you. All you need to do is to relax and ensure that everything is in place and safety is made a priority before making that phone call. You should always know that gas is highly combustible and flammable when ignited.


•    We work in a neat and well-organized area to ensure that no unnecessary accidents occur.
•    If you decide that we work at your home, make sure that flames, sparks or pilot lights are available around you.
•    The work should be done in a well-ventilated area.
•    Any time before this procedure, ensure that fire extinguisher is available on hand for safety.


Fire extinguisher
Fuel line
Brand new fuel tank
Hose clamps
Floor Jack
Perfect container for gas storage
The obvious hand tools

During this procedure, ensure that the gas tank is drained completely. It is very important that you drain all the gas from the old tank. Avoid direct contact with the draining fuel. If the tank has a drain cock, then perfect because that will allow you to drain the gas smoothly. These cocks are normally suited at the lowest ends of the tanks. All our team does it to create an entry for the entire thing to be drained. That doesn’t mean that the entire process cannot proceed without the drain. Our auto-gas mechanics sensures that it drains slowly by opening up the fuel lines. Mostly, filters are used or sometimes the electric fuel pump. Ensure that the whole process is successful.

Next, consider removing the fuel lines that have a direct connection with the tank. You are likely to spot more than one fuel line. Before carrying out this procedure, ensure that you take a picture of the set up to help you get everything right when assembling them back, but with our professionals, you have nothing to worry about because they will always get it right with or without the camera.

Drop the rear suspension-01, though, this may not be applicable for all vehicles. If you are among the lucky ones, then go to the next step. Then drop the rear suspension-02, once all these two processes have been done successfully, move to the next procedure.

The next procedure requires you to remove all the straps and drop the fuel tank. The fuel tank is supported by two main straps of metal. They normally hold the tank safely. You will be required to remove them by loosening the nuts at each end. After this step, you can easily drop it down and make your replacement. Mechanics know better that installation is simply the opposite of removal.


The outlined steps are only there to guide you. With our talented auto-gas mechanics, you shouldn’t go through the struggle because we are only one call away.

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