Mysterious digital marketing trends in 2019

In the era of active technology development today, Digital Marketing has been continuously changing, getting ahead and grasping the fluctuations. The digital marketing trend is the critical factor in helping companies and houses.

Marketers achieve success in marketing strategies for brands.

The post is an overview of the situation of Digital Marketing in 2018. In the future, how will Digital Marketing develop and what Digital Marketing trends will lead to the direction of 2019?

1. Data-driven marketing

Data-driven Marketing is the use of data to optimize online advertising and brand promotion. This process involves collecting and analyzing data from customers such as habits, behaviours, desires, circumstances to effectively optimize marketing campaigns. With the support of technology, getting current customer data is quite easy. Businesses can be obtained from online advertising campaigns and demographic data; data from customer relationship management system or can buy data from 3rd party. The critical point is that businesses must understand the data they have to identify the right customers and have good filters, more opportunities to increase revenue for companies. They can help you avoid bringing side effects to customers with an aversion to the brand.
Furthermore, aiming at the true purpose and optimizing the critical data source can bring about a multi-faceted growth for marketing campaigns such as sales efficiency, user experience for services, efficiency ROI marketing, profitability, business growth, brand identity, investment capital. So, businesses should change marketing thinking, instead of increasing costs to find new customers. Then develop and collect Data collection to take good care of existing customers. As a result, businesses will have more loyal customers, build the right brand image and attract new customers.

2. Marketing Automation with Al

When talking about marketing automation, you can not miss our AI in digital marketing. At the end of 2018, Google created a hot topic at the forefront of applying AI in Automation Marketing with the launch of products such as Smart Campaign and Smart Shopping Campaign.
 Artificial intelligence promotes more efficient data analysis and makes it easier for marketers to deliver personalized ads to their customers, including content personalization and unique outbound original journeys.
With AI in digital marketing, Automation Marketing includes chatbot, email marketing, SMS marketing,  and AI to apply to digital marketing, namely automation marketing. It can help brands manage almost all touchpoints within customer life between brand and customer from reach, engage, analyze data, optimize leads, customer care to develop your heart loyalty & return to the brand.
Automation marketing systems can replace 100 people taking care of customers day and night and whether or not you work or not. The system still works thanks automatically to computer-intervention, boosting profits, saving a lot of time, money and work. It is lacking to talk about Automation Marketing without mentioning chatbots. Chatbots is a specialized software that acts as a virtual “helper” to communicate to support the completion of user goals. Chatbots interact with people naturally, primarily through the use of chat windows as text or voice.
Furthermore, Facebook is also an excellent example of AI in digital marketing. Facebook allows users to personalize and focus on interaction without spending too much workforce. Their effectiveness in 2018 has led to a significant increase in the number of users and is expected to become “dominant” on the digital marketing front in 2019.

3. Video Marketing- Live video

After speaking of AI in digital marketing, in 2019, Tubular Insights predicts Video Marketing will lead the digitalization with 80% of online content presented as visual. In an increasingly competitive market to attract customers’ attention, the video will be the golden media channel that boosts search rankings, interaction and website traffic. Over the past year, 65% of companies in the world have increased video advertising budgets.
Furthermore, YouTube video advertising costs have also increased, accounting for 16% of the brand’s average advertising costs. This reflects hobby and media consumption habits.
 This shows that video is still the leading content marketing method today, and better content marketing methods can only be live video.
Hope that after the post, you will know more about the secret of marketing digital and the important role of AI in digital marketing. If you need more useful information about the sector, you don’t forget to visit our website to get more.
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