How to Get a Healthy CBD Dose for Anxiety?

Anxiety is the most widespread mental illness in America. Reports from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America show that anxiety disorders affect more than 18% of the population annually. While an all-round improvement demands for psychotherapy and regular medication too, the new game-changer in the market is cannabidiol or CBD. Found in the cannabis plant, researchers and physicians are touting it as a natural remedy for pain and anxiety in recent times. Read along to understand the ins and outs of CBD for the treatment of anxiety.

CBD for Anxiety

Be it post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety, or generalized anxiety disorder, recent researches have shown how CBD can be an effective treatment for all forms of anxiety. For instance, results of animal studies on the effectiveness of CBD for social anxiety published in Neuropsychopharmacology in 2011 are promising.

Further studies have revealed that supplements containing CBD normalize the serotonin levels in the brain to provide relief from tension. One can ingest CBD in capsule form also. Just surf the net for CBD capsules Canada and order high-quality supplements today.

How to Get a Healthy CBD Dose for Anxiety?

Here are ways to get the best out of CBD to treat your anxiety:

  1. Determine Your Goals

There are 65 target points in the body for CBD. To leverage its therapeutic effects, figuring out the target point is crucial. In case of anxiety, CBD needs to reach your brain receptors to regulate your body’s response to anxiety attacks. So, choose your products accordingly. Once you start the dosage, it will be helpful if you keep a record of your experience and track your progress.

  1. Keep Your Time Frame in Mind

Some products and methods of application deliver instant action, while others have slower and steadier outcomes. To get quick short-term relief from anxiety, inhaling Sativa strains from a vaporizer is the ideal option. For a more steady de-stressing effect throughout the day, a capsule or oral product is appropriate. For vaping, pull off a tiny puff and wait for an hour for the CBD to reach its peak before going for a higher dose. For oral application, keep a gap of around six hours between two servings.

  1. Forms in which you can take CBD

There are several forms of CBD available on the market, and each of them caters to specific needs:

  • Oils and Tinctures: The region beneath the tongue is rich in capillaries. So, absorption of CBD into the bloodstream is direct with sublingual intake in the form of tinctures.
  • Creams and Lotions: Topical application of CBD in the form of creams and balms leaves with a calming and soothing sensation when you’re anxious.
  • Pills and Capsules: Ingesting CBD leads to its absorption into the bloodstream from the digestive tract. With the legalization of cannabis in the US, doctors are recommending high potency CBD drugs to treat anxiety and seizure disorders.
  • Vaping: Vaping provides the fastest method of relaxation as on inhaling, absorption of CBD into the bloodstream occurs straight away from the lungs. Research shows that while the above forms utilize only 10 to 20% of the product, inhaling vapor can employ 50% of the strains. One can also add Indica Kief to there joint for instant relief.
  • Edibles: You may be wondering that What are the best CBD edibles for anxiety?
    To your surprise, with the continuous advancement in technology, Cbd is now available in many edible forms like gummies, Infused honey, CBD protein bars, etc
    Post consumption, it takes around an hour for the sedative effects to surface.
  1. How to enhance Absorption?

The CBD content in each serving is just a measure of the maximum quantity that can enter your body. It isn’t surprising to note that most of the CBD you are inhaling or consuming isn’t reaching its desired location. Check out the following tips to enhance the absorption:

  • Experiment with various inhalation mechanisms and find out which one works best for you.
  • For oral intake, hold the liquid under your tongue and swish it across your mouth before gulping it down.
  1. Find the Right Dosage

Most doctors suggest beginning with a low dose and ramping it up slowly. 20 to 40 milligram daily is a suitable amount to start with. The following considerations are necessary before the administration of CBD:

  • Concentration/Strength: It is the measure of the content of CBD (in mg) in a product. Avoid confusion with dosage, the quantity of CBD per serving.
  • Body Weight: The calming effects of Indica strains are more proclaimed with higher doses for heavy-weighted people, as compared to the lighter people who require lower doses for similar results.
  • Desired Results: The severity of the anxiety plays a role too. To deal with mild symptoms, small dosages are usually enough. For more serious bouts of anxiety, you may require higher doses.
  • Tolerance: Over time, your regular doses may become ineffective due to the development of tolerance towards CBD. Consult your doctor and increase your dose subsequently.

Proceed with caution when you are beginning a new package or swapping CBD forms.

Not all users will experience the effects of CBD in unison. Depending on tolerance and health conditions, it will vary from person to person. Start low and go slow: that’s the trick. Take professional advice before starting usage.

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