Audio to Text Transcription: 5 Benefits for Education

Technology is quickly disrupting the transcription, which has, for the longest time been done manually. You had to record the audio clip and then manually type it to get the text document. Now you can convert your audio clip to text automatically by using special transcription application. The technology has taken various industries such as education by storm.

Why Transcription is Important?

Transcription is a very important technology not only in the education industry but also in other sectors such as journalism, medical, and others that require data collection. The fact that technology helps the user to convert audio to text means that you never need to transcribe manually. The time taken to complete whole audio clips is just a small fraction of what could be used to transcribe manually. There are many reasons why transcription is important in education.

There are many reasons transcription has increasingly becoming popular in the education sector. That is because of the numerous benefits that all players in this industry are getting. From the lecturers to students, you can transcribe audio clips to text with just a few seconds. Here are five main benefits of transcription for education.

  1. Classroom Lectures

Students are some of the biggest beneficiaries of transcription, especially from audio to text converter online app. You don’t need to write notes any more if you have audio to text converter application. What you need is to record the audio lecture with a digital recording gadget and later, you can transcribe audio to text to get a word document. That is pretty easy compared to what to typing to write to transcribe the audio manually. With transcription, lecturers will not need to type class notes or outlines.

  1. Research Interviews

Research interviews are common in the education sector. If a student is doing a project where they will be needed to interview various sources, then writing during the interview or transcribing an audio clip is a thing of past. What you need after collecting audio clips is to upload them on audio to text converter online app and get a text document automatically. So research interviews have now been made easy.

  1. Dissertations

To get a university degree, you must submit a convincing dissertation that tests the skills that you have acquired. To respond to the provided question, you need to do plenty of research some which will require conducting interviews. So you will need these audio clips collected and convert them to audio text for the final dissertation document. That is transcription becomes crucial. You will be able to convert audio to text automatically.

  1. Group Session

Group sessions of discussions are very crucial, especially for the student. But a lot of what you say during these sessions may get lost due to lack of proper storage. With transcription, you can now record audio clips and transcribe the audio to text automatically.

  1. Attending Class Remotely

Unlike in the past, when a student needed to attend a class physically to get what the lecturer says, online transcription is making things easy. You can now participate in class remotely and get everything that the lecturer says. What you need is an audio clip of the class session converted into text. With that, you will get everything that was said and happened in the class.

Audext Transcription App   

There are many audio text converter online applications in the market for you, but audio to text converter online is among the best. The app transcribes all audio to text automatically. After you have converted audio to text with Audext, you can edit the text on this website to ensure you every word ties with the exact audio moment.  With the Audext app, you can identify every speaker, making it easy for a perfect final draft.

However, Audext does not transcribe video clips. In addition, it does not convert audio text to audio, and it’s not a generator. Lastly, it does not transcribe audio clips with background noise. So you need a clear audio clip for this audio to text converter online platform to work.

If you are a student or a lecturer, you need a transcription app to make your work easier. You can now convert audio to text online automatically. Audext is one of the best transcription applications in the market to pick.

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