What is an Inverter Generator? How do they work and how can they be used?

Generators come in many different forms but one of the most popular is an inverter generator. If you are looking for a good inverter generator check out https://www.bestgenerators.org/inverter-generator for in-depth generator reviews.

But what makes inverter generators special and are they worth purchasing over a more conventional generator? Well, let’s break it down and look at what exactly inverter generators are first of all, as the name implies inverter generators work in a more eco-friendly manner and perform more quietly than conventional generators.

Inverter generators are the result of more recent developments into electronics and are in general more advanced and high-tech appliances. They output AC like a regular generator would do but they then convert it to DC and then invert it back into more clean power. Hence their name inverter generators.

If you aren’t particularly tech savvy then that might all be a little confusing but think of it like this. Regular generators can be used in conjunction with inverters to turn DC power into AC power to make it more suitable to power appliances. An inverter generator will complete this process for you without the need of using a separate inverter.

So, now you know basically how inverter generators work when compared to the more traditional generators available. But let’s look at some of their uses in more detail, shall we? Inverter generators create a more refined power sine wave which is more compatible with appliances that contain micro-processors.

These means they can be used to power things like tools, laptops, microwaves and much more. A regular conventional generator produces less refined raw power which isn’t always suitable for appliances like this without using an inverter first.

Essentially an inverter generator cuts out the middleman and gives you a more refined power source. Inverter generators can be used for all kinds of things and they use less gasoline to run making them the more fuel-efficient options as well.

However, inverter generators will generally have more limited capacity although this makes them lighter and smaller which means transporting them around is much easier when compared to regular conventional generators. Inverter generators are also the more cost-effective option as well and because they run more quietly they are better suited to outdoor events.

A noisy generator can be a real nuisance but that isn’t a problem with inverter generators. Conventional generators will often have a higher maximum outage but inverter generators give out a higher quality of power. Their cleaner process also makes them ideal for more sensitive electronic equipment as well.

Finally, let’s look at the cost involved a regular conventional generator will usually be the cheaper option at first. But the initial cost can be a little deceptive an inverter generator will be cheaper to run saving you money in the long term and will often be cheaper than the combined price of a conventional generator and a separate compatible inverter.

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