Why You Should Get PMP Certified

Project management involves the utilization of the appropriate skills, approaches and strategies to ensure successful completion of a given project. This is a relatively dynamic field which necessitates constant update on the part of project management professionals to ensure they stay relevant. Getting a project management certification is one such approach of ensuring you get relevant skills and other requisite qualifications that will equip you with appropriate requirements. Getting PMP certified is the best approach towards ensuring you keep up with industry standards and get exposed to multiple work opportunities across the globe. Discussed below are some of the reasons why you should get PMP certified today.

Improves your teamwork and collaboration capacity

Teamwork is one of the most critical factors that dictate the result of group activities. It has the power to produce outstanding results or dismal performance if not handled correctly. Therefore, effective teamwork is critical towards ensuring the success of team activities such as collaborative projects. Thanks to PMP, you will be equipped with the requisite skills for enhancing teamwork, collaboration and communication. These skills will go a long way in facilitating successful project completion. As a project manager, you will be empowered to create a positive and supportive working environment that promotes effective communication, support, consultation and collaboration.

Promotes continuous learning

Being able to appreciate and absorb new pieces of information continually is essential in ensuring successful project completion. As a certified project manager, you will be exposed to various professionals and avenues through which you will interactively learn new information and get updated with current standards. You will be exposed to different projects which will widen your scope since you will be exposed to using different approaches, skills and technology depending on the project at hand. In addition, being PMP certified, you automatically become a PMI member which further exposes you to the professional development community and opportunities. All these factors actively work towards improving your performance and marketability.

Boosts your income

Research shows that a PMP certification can give you up to about twenty per cent more revenue in terms of salary payments as compared to your peers who are not PMP certified. A project manager with this certification earns over a hundred thousand US dollars a year, which usually grows with excellent performance over time. In fact, with PMP, you won’t even need to worry about being unemployed, you may get overpaid for the project manager job that you are doing.

Improves your risk management skills

Risk is an unpredictable uncertainty which may occur in the course of doing or managing a project. You are most likely going to interact with it in the course of project management. Notably, risks have the potential of having either a negative or positive impact on your project. However, being certified with PMP exposes you to advanced risk management approaches that will be useful in identifying and assessing any risks, both current and potential. You will also be empowered to mitigate those risks and threats posed effectively, and capitalize on the opportunities that come with them. This enables you to advance and protect the organizational requirements of your business or employer thereby improving the quality of the product which improves your reputation as well as your team’s.

Improves your problem-solving capability

PMP enables you to be considered to be among the best and acts as proof of your expertise when it comes to project management. As a project manager, you will be faced with a lot of complex problems in the field in which you are entrusted to solve in the best possible manner. PMP exposes you to innovative and creative problem-solving approaches which you can utilize to solve problems which come your way. This increases your breadth of experience and increases your level of intellect and professionalism, which helps you in tackling similar issues in the future.

Makes you a better leader

Project management calls upon you, as the project manager, to be able to coordinate the activities of your team as you gear towards successful completion of the project at hand. This involves understanding your team members, knowing their strengths and weaknesses, and using this information to bring them together into a single cohesive, functional unit. PMP enables you to effectively formulate workarounds and provide impromptu solutions to workplace complications to ensure you meet set deadlines. It also ensures you keep the budget under considerable control and earn the admiration of your team through your professional management skills. PMP training also enables you to adopt an adaptive leadership approach to facilitate conforming and maneuvering the dynamic business environment.

Gives you a competitive edge

The rise in the need for project management professionals has fueled the demand for project managers across many industries. PMP and the certification thereof have been widely used to set the standards for the level of skills required in project managers in the recent past. The certification holds a high degree of prestige within the IT and project management community. Their level of professional training implies they have a superior set of advanced skills that can be used to facilitate the successful completion of projects.

Global recognition

Getting certified with PMP levels the working environment for you, regardless of your location. Employers usually have certain expectations from their project managers, or potential project managers in the given cultures, industries and demographics. Therefore, with PMP, you will have the freedom to work anywhere across the globe. The certification demonstrates your superior skill-set level and expertise that you bring on board which will immediately capture the attention of the employer. Notably, there are a lot of people in search of the certification so you should probably get it as soon as you can to ensure you join the elite group.

In conclusion

Getting a PMP certification is the best way to get the relevant skills required for professional project management across the globe. Therefore, you should not hesitate to get one today to ensure you advance your career and increase your employability.

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