Things Professional Movers Will Not Move

Moving in Texas needs a lot of planning and proper packing. One of the things to plan and decide beforehand is the moving companies that will help you when the time comes. The good news is that these movers also help with packing so you don’t have too much burden on your side.

But there is a problem! All moving companies have limits to what they can move and what they won’t. Finding out at the last minute that some of your stuff is not movable can mess your day. It’s, therefore, advisable to do research early to get to know such things to avoid inconveniences; also learn about your rights and responsibilities when you move. Don’t worry because this article outlines some of the things movers won’t carry.


Any moving company in Texas will not agree to move your pets. It does not matter to them if your pet is well behaved or caged. During the drive, the trucks can get cold inside or very hot, which on many occasions will not be suitable for your furry friend. The best thing to do is to carry your pet with you in the car or on the plain. It is the only way you are sure of their safety.


No moving company in Texas that will agree to move plants. It’s illegal to move plants more than 150 miles without special licensing. The plants might have some pests which could be transported and introduced to the new areas. Other reasons could be that plants could die while in transit or soil.


No one becomes so careless with their valuable documents or cash. The moving companies would not want to risk being sued and forced to pay for losing a client’s items. Well, there’s no specific policy restricting any moving company in Texas from transporting your valuable, but it’s just too much of a risk to take. It’s, therefore, an excellent idea to keep these items with you at all times. The best thing to do is to ask yourself if that particular item is replaceable, if not, then don’t transport it with your movers.

Perishable Food

Before you decide to use a particular moving company, it is advisable to check their policy on food. There are those moving companies which will not move any food staff and others will choose the kinds of food they ship. Food staff like leafy vegetables, fruits, and milk cannot be shipped because they easily go bad and can invite insects and pets. These foodstuffs could also soil your other items. No movers would want blame on them for carelessly handling a client’s things.

Flammable Items

Things like gasoline, paint, aerosols, and propane tanks are hazardous items to ship. These items can catch fire easily; therefore, movers tend to avoid them. Better to inconvenience the customer than to have a flaming truck on the way. It’s up to you to transport these items at your own risk.

Power Equipment with Fuel

Almost all moving companies won’t move power equipment with fuel in the tank. These types of equipment may include motorcycles and lawnmowers. If you don’t want to be stranded with your motorcycle the day of moving, then be sure to drain the fuel until the fuel tank is empty. This should be done at least a day before moving.

Different moving companies have different policies on items they can and can’t move. Before choosing any, be sure to check a variety to weigh your options and get the best services with the best rates. Review moving dos and don’ts. Always remember, moving policies are different from state to state. Be sure that the movers you choose to meet the requirements to be allowed to cross state borders.

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