Custom Essay Writing Service: Beware of Fake Websites like

Custom essay writing is a challenging task and it’s common for students to look out for online essay writing services. However, there are many fake and unreliable services like that do nothing else than robbing you off your money in the name of writing a high quality essay for your college admission.

Some of the high claims made by the site:

  • 2 years of experience
  • More than 700 writers
  • 17,500 of pages written
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Good quality writers
  • Reasonable price
  • Individual approach
  • Money back guarantee

Advertised Features

The bidding system: After a customer posts a project on the site, writers bid on the project. This means that the writers will give the customer their lowest price for working on the project. From there, the customer can choose which writer they want to work on their project.

When a bid for a project is placed, the customer will be able to see the writer’s username, their star-rating (between 0-10 stars), how many orders they have completed, and the awards they have won from working on the site.

The Customer Picks the Writer: When a writer bids on a project, their experience is shown next to their username. Because of this, customers get to know about their writer’s skill level before they hire them. Writers who have high ratings are likely to do better work on the project, so customers might be more likely to pick them.

Awards: Awards are listed next to the usernames of the writers. These awards can be helpful in choosing a writer. Writers with more awards are likely to have more writing experience on the site than writers with fewer awards. Knowing this, customers have an extra factor in which they can consider when it comes to choosing a writer. Some popular awards on the site include a Writer of the Month award, a Customer Loyalty award, and awards based on their star rating.

The worst part: All claims made are FAKE and FALSE

  • The actual price you are made to cough up is very high (I was charged $300)
  • The quality of the article provided is too low; it’s machine-written, plagiarized, and contains a lot of grammatical errors. Given this level of essay, you won’t even pass your school exam; forget about getting an admission in an international college.
  • Irresponsive customer service. Within 5 minutes of writing to the customer support, your ticket will be closed by them as solved.
  • No Refunds. Either your request will be closed without contacting you or it will remain unanswered. There is no question of refunding the money robbed from you.

The Alternatives

First of all, you should try to try to write your essays yourself to the extent possible. If at all you must hire a professional service, find a reliable one with good track record. Don’t just go by the promises made on the company’s website.

You can search for some online. Reputed services like and would be your best bet.

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