10 Garage Door Safety Tips

A garage can serve many purposes in your home – a storage space, parking your car, or as a workspace. The garage door is the most important part of the garage and it needs special care. Safety issues may arise when there are no proper garage door safety tips or when garage door safety tips are not followed properly. A functional garage door will provide adequate protection for your family and property. Most homeowners often overlook the importance of garage door safety. 

Here are the 10 garage door safety tips that every homeowner should be aware of

1. Inspection Routine

One of the most crucial garage door safety tips is the monthly inspection. It will help prevent garage-related incidents or injuries. Ensure that components of the door are working properly by checking the cables and gears, pulleys, springs and others.

Open and close the garage doors many times and note if it closes or opens properly. If it’s too fast or slow, or if you notice any malfunction, ensure you get help and fix it immediately. 

2. Be Careful Around Garage Doors

Garage doors should be handled with extra care as they are not toys. Don’t work, play, or step in the way when a garage door is closing or opening. Kids should not be allowed to play around garage doors. They should be monitored by an adult.

3. Keep Remote Out of Reach of Kids

Another safety tip is to ensure you keep remotes out of reach of kids so that they won’t be tempted to play with it. Don’t let your kids turn it into their toys. Ensure to keep your garage door remote out of reach of the wrong person.

4.  Emergencies

Always be on the alert and prepared for any types of emergencies. To learn about the type of locks on garage doors in case you need to quickly open the garage door during an accident or emergencies. Learn more about your garage door where the emergency release button is located.

5. Camera Security

Investing in in-camera security is one of the essential security tips for safety and securing your property and family. Most homeowners now have a surveillance camera installed in their garage to keep intruders and burglars away.

6. Test Auto-Reverse

Ensure to check and test the auto-reverse function if your garage door is equipped with one. A roll of paper towels can be used to test the effectiveness of the door. Make sure it’s working properly to prevent serious accidents. It is essential to get an auto-reverse feature equipped on your garage door.

7. Watch Your Fingers 

Another safety tip is to be aware of not placing your fingers in between the door sections. This can cause a serious injury to you or your kids.

8. Locks on Garage Doors

Unsolicited entry into your home can be initiated by the type of locks on your garage door. Get the right locks for your garage doors to keep intruders away.

9. Types of Garage door

When choosing a garage door for your home, steel is the most popular material because it’s affordable, durable, and has low maintenance.  It can be painted and texturised to look like wood.

10. Maintenance 

 Once in a year ensure to get your garage door inspected and maintained by a professional.

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