Ransomware Protection in 2021: How Triofox Can Help

Ransomware is a malware executing a cryptovirology attack and encrypting valuable files present on your device. Most importantly, it can infect your servers and spread around the corporate networks, several other endpoints, etc. After which, it will ask you to pay some money, following which you can access the information. Let’s know how ransomware is affecting businesses nowadays.

  • Disrupting the regular business operations

Ransomware is not the utmost risk, but it is with the operational ransomware impact. Imagine a situation where a crucial business operation gets halted because of a ransomware attack. It can freeze up manufacturing control systems, shut down various divisions, etc. That’s why; it is of greatest importance to protect the business operation.

  • Prevents you from accessing your data

It is a significant threat to your organization as ransomware encrypts data. As a result, you can no longer access the information. The possible way to access the data like before is with a decryption key. You can access the key only when you pay some amount.

  • Damage to your reputation

If the information of your company gets in the wrong hands, the reputation will get affected. You do not know how it will be used, and if the data gets in the hands of your rivals, the business might need to suffer huge losses.

However, to overcome all such situations, it is essential to look for a tool protecting your organization from ransomware.

  • Data protection

The best platform will give you a collection of business continuity and data protection aspects. All these things will help in increasing productivity and decreasing the time, reducing the impact on servers. With a particular data protection platform like Triofox, you can have peace of mind and eliminate disruption in business continuity.

  • Have and control and protection

Around 46% of attacks originated from emails, which is why you should have control and protection. With an ideal platform, you can safeguard your data with features like audit trace, device approval, ransomware protection, file change history, NTFS permissions, native integration with Active Directory, etc. Even if you think of considering any other tool, you will not get all the features in one. Thus, it is essential to look for a versatile platform that can protect all your data.

  • Public or private cloud backup

With a great tool, you can define the target location for your network. Folders and files can be replicated and accessed directly from the business continuity. You can back up all the folders and files from the remote device to the platform. It gives you peace that the information is in a safe place. In this scenario, there are no chances that your device will get affected by ransomware.

Look for a reliable platform Like Triofox

Opting for a reliable platform like Triofox serves a productive future for your company. It will eliminate the time that you might have lost in case your device gets attacked by ransomware. Also, you can combine mobile productivity and traditional file server security to enjoy both. Thus, check out https://triofox.com/, and see what Triofox has in store.

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