Buying Guide: Choosing The Right Mattress

To make the right choice, you have to be solidly oriented. The advice of sales assistants can be very useful or, on the contrary, confuse the mind when trying to find the best mattress. Here is something to see more clearly, to buy alone or simply to better decrypt the allegations of sellers.

Foam, springs, latex or hybrid

To stop your preferences, there is only one thing to do: Try, without a priori … or fear of ridicule! Lie on your back and side, relax and change positions several times. Only listen to your body, not the arguments of the sales staff. This step is imperative. So obviously, the purchase on the internet or by correspondence is to be avoided, because a simple description is not enough.

Shape memory

The latter has an enveloping effect for amateurs, and pushing, panic limit, for his critics. In our test, these mattresses have been treated in the same way as the classic foam or springs. And in the laboratory, they have no particular advantage. When trying a memory foam mattress, you must be very careful about changing position. If you feel impeded in your movements, it is that the model is unsuitable for you; you can choose the right mattress by Urban Ladder.


Firmness is a purely subjective criterion that belongs to the manufacturer. For this test, we used precise measuring instruments, which clearly call into question the information of the traders. Morality: Nothing replaces the fact of trying it yourself to have your own opinion.

Necessary to change the mattresses yearly

Some sellers recommend it No, nothing motivates him as long as you feel good. Instead, replace it if you feel the springs through the fabric or feel as if you are lying down when you are lying down. Another indicator: As soon as your body leaves an impression after sunrise, it’s time to renew your bedding.

Mites in sight

It is better to avoid chemically treated models, even if they contain very low doses of pesticides: These substances remain undesirable. The effect of long-term exposure is still unknown. And when in doubt, abstaining is the wisest option.

This element must be reported to the seller within seven days to be taken into account, follow the usual recommendations, if any, and insist if the defect persists beyond- beyond the usual time.

Mattressfor a couple

Try two, it’s imperative. The ideal model will fit both body sizes and will not make the partner jump when the other turns around. Give time to yourselfto choose a perfect and unique matters, it will prove to be a good investment. After all, it’s on the pillow that we reconcile, and not that we fight.

Double and single mattress

If you sleep at 2, your needs and your morphology are often different. The ideal is to choose 2 individual mattresses adapted to each one.

A new mattress

Are you looking for a mattress for adult or for your child? Or for your daily or occasional use, for a wet or dry room, hot or cold,small or large?The price of a mattress can vary from single to double. Discover all the criteria that determine the price of a mattress and make an informed choice.

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