The Importance Of Video Resizing And How You Can Do It Perfectly

Videos have become a common and popular format in today’s time. Videos can contain anything from entertainment stuff, music, advertisement of products or services, etc. In this aspect, sometimes people come across videos whose size is extremely huge. With that, it becomes difficult to open the video as you might not have enough space in your device. If it’s not so important, people tend to skip watching it. But suppose it contains some crucial details, then to watch it, either you need to make some space in your device or resize the video. The second option seems to be better, and to do it; you can use a versatile resize video tool.

Many people might think what’s the need to resize videos? Instead of that, you can simply delete some of the previous videos. It’s true, and you can go for it, but when all the videos are essential, you do not have any better options than resizing. In this article, you can look at the importance of video resizing and the process to do it perfectly.

  • More space

The most pivotal aspect of resizing videos is it consumes less space. As a result, you have the convenience to store more files on your device. If you do not resize the video, it will consume a huge amount of space, increasing your difficulties. It becomes more important when your boss sends you some pivotal details in video format. If you do not have enough space, you can go ahead of resizing videos and watch it.

  • Maintains the quality

Some might think that resizing videos can affect the quality of the video. But if you are using a top-rated video compressor, the video quality is maintained. Also, you have the feasibility to change the parameters that will impact the quality. Otherwise, if you wish to keep the space quality, you can do that as well.

  • Higher speed

When the file size becomes smaller, transferring it becomes easier. The time that a smaller file takes is lesser. With that, it will be effortless for you to send the file to the concerned person who can view it quickly. Therefore, if you wish to achieve all such benefits, ensure that you use a multi-faceted video compressor.

  • Keep more movie files

When you reduce the video size, there is more space in your device. Simultaneously, when you are downloading movies from YouTube, or any other platform, there’s no need to delete another movie file. You can keep both and watch them any time you want to. You can also keep some videos that you love to watch again and again.

  • Free to use

A prominent video compressor is available for free, indicating you can use it for resizing the videos. When people listen about something available for free, they tend to use it. In this aspect, you can opt for a suitable video compressor. If you wish to use advanced features, you need to pay for it, but it completely depends upon you. However, the free version offers enough features for video resizing.

  • Converting videos

Videos come in different formats, and sometimes it becomes difficult when the same format does not support your device. In this instance, a talented video resize allows you to convert the videos in a specified format while resizing. It is an exclusive feature that you will get if you are determined to use a well-designed tool. Such features of the software have made it more popular across the people. As a result, they can eliminate keeping two tools; one for resizing and another for converting.

  • Faster processing

A video compressor is faster and can convert the videos in a few minutes. It’s a great aspect, especially when you do not have hours to wait to convert the videos. Consecutively, it makes the entire process effective and reliable. Remember that it’s only possible if you are choosing an easy to use interface and uncomplicated software.

How to use Wondershare Uniconvertor

Apart from the above reasons, many aspects are there stating why to resize videos. Once you start doing it, you would like to resize all the videos. The process used by a brilliant application, Wondershare Uniconvertor, is simple, and following the below steps, you can do it. Take a look!

  1. Open the tool

Firstly, open the tool on your device after you have completed the downloading and installation process. Proceed to the main video, where you will come across a tab known as video compressor.

  1. Load files

Click on the video compressor button by selecting either the + sign or proceeding to the document icon. Add all the files from the specified location for which you wish to reduce the size.

  1. Customize settings

Do not forget to customize all the settings as per your need like video format, resolution, preferred output size, etc. Once everything that you wish to change is done, click on the review button, and check if everything is proper. In case you want to change anything, you can do it now. But once you press the submit button, you cannot make any changes. To change, you need to again repeat the entire process.

  1. Resize videos

Select on the file location section and specify the location where you wish to save the file. Once it’s done, press the compress button, followed by which the resizing process starts.

Pick up the top video resize!

In the market, hundreds of resizing video tools is available and through which you can do the process. But choosing an excellent resize will help you to complete the process in a few steps and some time. Additionally, the important aspect is the video quality is also maintained.

The eminent tool is supported in both iOS and Android, so you do not need to worry. To sum up, it’s of the greatest importance that you choose a brilliant tool. By the way, did you use it earlier? If not, why don’t you go ahead this time and share your experience?

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