3 Types of RX Coupons and How They Work

In this day and age, access to prescriptions are paramount. Men and women of all ages have seen the shocking price increase on medication that many people rely upon for their day-to-day health, stability, and wellness. However, you will find that having an awareness of the Rx world and how it works can be life-changing.

The Data from Consumer Report

Studies from Consumer Report affirm that Americans who lack access to Rx are forced to pay the increasingly high fees, even if it takes away from groceries or monthly bills. Of 1,200 surveyed Americans, 31% were forced to increase their use of credit cards after pharmaceutical prices skyrocketed.

The rise in medication costs has also had adverse impacts on the health of many Americans. Of the preceding surveyed individuals, 15% cut their pills in half, 18% knowingly consumed medication which had already expired, and 30% chose not to fulfill their prescriptions. These statistics are unacceptable. People deserve access to pharmaceuticals and should not have to cut back on other living expenses as a result of increased prices.


Thankfully, Next Avenue has a series of helpful hints and tips for Rx that you will likely benefit from. (Be sure to pass them along to any relatives or friends who are on prescribed medication.) One of the best ways you can get a discount on pharmaceuticals is by purchasing the generic drug as opposed to the brand name (unless your doctor advises you against doing so). Nine times out of ten, the active ingredients are virtually the same and spending less money for the same product makes sense.

2.Co-pay Coupons

Another version of rx coupons comes in the form of co-pay coupons. You can easily secure co-pay coupons from your doctor or your drug manufacturer, either online or via mail. After you have the coupon, show it to your pharmacy which will then use it has a discount towards the co-pay mandated by your insurance agency.

If you are considering using co-pay coupons as a Rx, knowing how and when they are applicable is extremely important. First and foremost, beneficiaries of Medicare or Medicaid are disallowed from using co-pay coupons. They are also only valid for discounting one pharmaceutical drug. However, co-pay coupons are sponsored by manufacturers and also provide patients with considerable rebates.

3.Mail Order Coupons

You might also want to look into mail-order coupons (google the name of your medication with the word “coupon”) and compare prices from stores like Walmart and Costco. While most of us would like to believe that health insurers will cover prescription drugs, this is often not the case. Sometimes one month’s worth of medicine can cost over $1,500. That’s more than what some people pay for monthly rent.


In this day and age, you deserve to be made aware of alternatives to increasingly high medication costs. There is no right or wrong choice for anyone. Manufacturing coupons might work best for some patients, whereas mail order coupons or co-pay coupons may be more suitable for others. Finally, be sure to your pharmacy will accept the coupon of your choice by checking the pharmacy listings on GoodRx. Even if your store is not listed, you may still have the option of using your coupons at independent pharmacies such as Medly, CVS, Walmart, or Walgreens.

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