What Not To Do When Hiring A Moving Company

Most articles and blog posts online speak about the things you are advised to do in order to simplify your search for a moving company: do your research, ask for recommendations and references, read reviews online, make comparisons, check proof of licensing and other legal matters, and the list goes on. However, it might also be useful to know what to avoid doing during your search for reliable movers. It can be quite challenging to find trustworthy movers, so playing it by the ear is not a good idea.

Do Not Get Less Than Three Quotes

Whether you are planning a local or an interstate move, you should get at least three different price estimates so you can have more options to look into. Anything above three is even better. Gather estimates and make sure you include all of the extra services you want to purchase, such as special packing options, temporary storage, or extra insurance for your items. Compare costs from several movers in town, as well as people’s experiences with the respective companies. Perform background checks and avoid working with con-artists who will only try to overcharge you – or ask for an advance and never show up to begin with.

Do Not Opt For Nationwide Movers

If you are looking for honest New Jersey movers, you should limit your search to services in this area alone. This will give you a few advantages, such as being able to personally visit their headquarters and inspect their moving trucks or vans and supplies.

A nationwide company will not give you the same indirect advantage. Their headquarters are dispatched in various areas of the country, usually long distance, and reaching them means investing precious time and money. Since you are already stressed out about your move, the last thing you want to do is worry about an additional road trip.

Hire local services like the Uber Movers located in New Jersey; they specialize in both local and interstate moves and they can handle your every residential or commercial move needs with professionalism and at affordable rates. Call them and ask for a quote today and start planning your move.

Recommended for Australian Customers

Regardless of moving locally or internationally, Move My Stuff expert removals professionals understand you like no other! From house to office removalists, Our professional movers get the job done with effortless ease. We are equipped with the right kind of moving gears to shift the furniture and fixtures to and from the transit van. Our door to door furniture removalist service ensures seamless transition. Gather more info on our website.

Do Not Forget To Get In-house Estimates

Estimates provided over the phone do have their well-established role into the process of planning the budget for an upcoming move. But, at times, things go terribly wrong, and you end up paying a lot more than what you had originally expected. Maybe you counted your boxes wrong, or you forgot about the old wooden chest in the garage and some furniture items you had borrowed to your friends a few years ago. A skilled mover who has been in the business for a few years can help you out in no time. They can approximate a lot better than you, as they do it every day, several times a day. They have an eye for all shapes and sis of boxes, they know how much a refrigerator or a living room TV set weighs, and they can provide you with more accurate estimates at the scene.

Give a local moving company a call and schedule an appointment for an in-house move today!

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