Know more about mov video File Format.

 What is Mov?

Mov is a video file container which is used in a apple’s  QuickTime program. It is generally used in Apple’s QuickTime which is established in 1998 for saving hd video and other video files. A MOV file can store audio, video, text, images, and other media in a single file.The format of this algorithm is designed by Apple but congruent with both Macintosh and Windows platforms and also compatible with DVD players and Sony PSP. In Macintosh platform where play MOV file includes adobe flash, Roxio toast but in windows platform where open Mov file includes Roxio creator, Roxio popcorn etc. Mov file can use MPEG-4 formats.   MPEG-4 formats which is based on QuickTime format specification published in 2001. iPhones and iPods that are iOS devices is a common track for the MOV file which is the default file format where video stored.  .mov file extension generally used in Apple QuickTime movies files but sometimes it is saved with .QT or .MOVIE extension. Each track using a specific format to the media which is located in other files. You may convert MOV files to other file formats such as MOV file convert to .MP4 files using VLC  media players and MOV audio to .OGG format.

Reasons for corruption and deletion of Mov

Due to loss of internet: corrupt of MOV file causing of internet connection.when you downloading any file and internet may be slow or disappear then you may lose your downloaded file.

Due to sudden power loss: sudden power loss during the media file is playing the MOV file. This may cause the encrypted file.

Unfortunate incident: sometimes your video is deleted by mistake and forgot to recover your file during formatting the disk.

Corruption due to the broken header: If your header files are crashed and after that, you want to open MOV file then it displays error messages.

Due to read or write operation: Inappropriate read or write operation is one of the causes of the error message.

Due to the unreliable internet: when the video is downloaded through the unreliable internet may cause to play the MOV file.

Causes of compression issues: sometimes corrupt video files due to compression issues.

Due to virus or malware attack: Virus and malware is the biggest issue for the corruption of file. If your files get infected by viruses then you can’t access your MOV file and also a corruption of memory card due to malware or virus attack.

Error messages after video corruption:

Error 0x0000001A: This error display on your screen when you play MOV file format. It appears due to the reason of corrupted files or wrong codec file format.

File not found: This error appears when missing of MOV file format in your system.

Error-2048: This error cause when you play the MOV file and your files corrupted at that time.

Audio error, video error, copying error, error in movement of the video, error in video slider movement, corrupted data of video files.

If your MOV file corrupted in your system then there is no need to get worried about it .you easily backup your corrupted or lost MOV file from the flashed card with the help of advanced media file recovery software. It is capable to get back all your MOV file in a secure way. This is one of the most media file recovery software which users most prefers to recovery from this way.

Manual process and steps seem like complicated to you. So, you can restore or recover your deleted or corrupted file by using MOV recovery software.

For more details about a recovery of MOV files

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