Top Five Tips for Possum Management

Possums, though possessing a number of sharp teeth, are not a risk. However, they can cause severe damage to your house, so the humane removal of wildlife is essential.

Controlling and removing possums is difficult due to their nocturnal habits and fast movements. Pest removal services address infestations to prevent them from becoming rogue and causing you significant harm and loss.

The first thing you need to know about possums is that they are not rats. They are marsupials, which means that they carry their young in a pouch. Contrary to popular belief, opossums do not cause structural damage or spread disease like rats do. Opossums primarily eat plants and fruit (which can also be beneficial) but will scavenge for other food sources if necessary. There’s no need to worry about possum droppings either because the animal does not defecate in its nest area so any feces it leaves behind will usually be found on the ground near its food source. The only real problem with opossums is when they get into your house and start nesting inside of your insulation or crawlspaces.

Possum Removal Sunshine Coast provided some suggestions on how to reduce possum infestation in a humane manner.

1. Look for possum residents:

If you suspect that a possum is residing beneath your deck or patio, the easiest method to find out is to plug the hole with soil, newspaper, leaves, or any other similar substance. If a possum is present, it will push through the material and exit the opening. However, if the materials haven’t been moved in two or three days, it’s reasonable to infer that a possum isn’t present there.

2. Fill in the hole:

After confirming that there are no possums beneath the decking or patio, cover the hole with the same materials suggested in the first tip. This guarantees that the hole is fully sealed, but if for some reason you missed someone inside, they may still escape safely.  A returning possum won’t bother with the hole if they notice that it’s been sealed up, and will look for other places to live.

3. Netting to prevent trees:

Possum infestation can be prevented by using netting. This will certainly limit the harm they would have caused otherwise. However, if you decide to use temporary netting, be careful to remove it before the leaves fall. Otherwise, the tree might get damaged later. As for permanent netting, Possum Removal Specialist suggested continuously checking and ensuring that these creatures do not discover any little openings to come through.

4. Use fences to safeguard your property:

Decks, crawlspaces, and other outside places where possums may seek refuge can be protected with “L”-shaped footers. This footer acts as a deterrent to possums, who are prone to burrowing under fences.

Installing the “L” footer should be done with caution to avoid trapping the possum.

5. Use stuff toys to protect your property:

Big stuffed toys give the impression that there is a predator around. As long as these hanging toys are moving in the wind, they won’t hunt for food and shelter.

A professional service has the resources to locate pest entrance sites and seal them. At a very affordable Possum Removal Cost, the professionals will help you make your yard possum free as efficiently as possible.

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