10 Star Wars Gift Ideas for the Jedi in Your Life

10 Star Wars Gift Ideas for the Jedi in Your Life

In case you needed a reminder of how enduring the Star Wars saga has been over time, Lucasfilm sold the franchise to Disney for $4.05 billion in 2012.

From adults who saw the first film in theaters in the late seventies to kids who’ve fallen in love with The Mandalorian, the enthusiastic fandom of Star Wars remains undeniable. However, the franchise continues to thrive in no small part due to its expansive merchandising power.

Are you scouting for a gift for a friend or loved one who is a Star Wars fan? If so, here are some Star Wars gift ideas for the Jedi in your life.

  1. Custom Star Wars Gift Ideas: Jedi Bobbleheads

What better way to show appreciation for the Jedi in your life than to turn them into one? If provided a picture, custom bobblehead websites can handcraft a lightsaber-wielding Jedi bobblehead in your friend or loved one’s exact likeness! Such eccentric custom gift ideas are always a great way to go the extra mile.

  1. 3D Star Wars Night Lamps

These eye-catching 3D lamps can easily add a futuristic ambiance to any Star Wars fan’s room. They come in Death Star, R2-D2, and Millennium Falcon patterns as well as a variety of seven different colors to switch between as they choose!

  1. Storm Trooper Decanter

Add some flash to your Star Wars-loving whiskey enthusiast’s bar accessories with a Storm Trooper Decanter. It even comes with two helmet-shaped shot glasses.

  1. The Child Plush

The Child, otherwise known as “Baby Yoda,” absolutely took the world by storm for a reason! This soft, huggable plush makes for an adorable couch or bedtime comfort accessory.

  1. R2-D2 Popcorn Maker

Next time the Star Wars fan in your life starts craving a rewatch, Star Wars-themed gifts like this popcorn maker will put them right in the movie spirit. R2’s head even detaches to become its own serving bowl!

  1. Death Star Cheese Board

If perfect gifts for spouses are what you’re after, this beautifully engraved Death Star cheese board will allow any Star Wars fanatic to “class up” their snacking experiences. The top of it swivels off, housing four stainless steel cheese paring knives within.

  1. Light Saber Replica

Any Jedi needs something to train with! Safe, light-up replicas like this Vader Lightsaber will make the perfect sword-fighting accessory, so consider gifting two of them so they always have someone to do battle against.

  1. Star Wars Cookie Kit

Sweeten up their Star Wars viewing experience with this cookie kit, complete with special cookie cutters, icing, and tips for making cookies of their favorite characters.

  1. “Han Solo In Carbonite” Ice Cube Tray

If you’re looking for gifts for friends with a wicked sense of humor, these ice cube trays will allow them to hilariously relive one of the series’ most tragic moments every time they make themselves a drink!

  1. Porg Beanie

If there’s one thing Star Wars knows, it’s adorable alien creatures, and Star Wars clothing like this Porg beanie can offer just the right mix of comfort and cuteness for weather as cold as Ahch-To!

Find Even More Thoughtful Gift Ideas

There is a wide variety of fun and unique Star Wars gift ideas out there, but there’s no reason to stop there.

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