How to learn English at home

When learning English, the first thing to determine is what to study for, and what level is satisfactory for your milestones. For example, learning to communicate fluently with foreigners, the purpose is to work in foreign companies to increase income, or simply just to make friends for fun, comfortable breeze without fear. Or at a higher level, practice English to take the Toeic, Toefl, Ielts, to study abroad, you must also determine the number of points you want to achieve to take that goal. But to practice high scores, first of all my background knowledge must be strong. Therefore, the foundation is the most important.

For foundation, learning English as well as any other language consists of four parts including listening, speaking, reading and writing. Observe a child when learning his native language, first he hears an adult speak first, then he repeats words heard. Those words that are used often turn into the vocabulary of that child. So a child who speaks fluently smartly or verbally swears is from his environment. Then by the age of school, children begin to learn to read, then learn to write.

How to practice English effectively

First of all, you have to practice listening first, you have to listen well to speak properly. Especially if you want to develop your English communication skills, if you do not listen well how to speak fluently. So, first and foremost, listen and listen. So how does training your listening skill?

Do you like watching movies? If so, it is a great advantage in learning English. Watch movies often, but remember to watch English subtitles. But learning English while watching a movie is a little bit more difficult. The most radical way is to watch while putting a small cover on the subtitles below, we can watch and listen to the actor speaking. If the word does not come out then pause, treat the subtitle to see what word it is, then mentally re-pronunciation like an actor in a movie. Another way to be less extreme is to keep watching and glancing at the subtitles, only stopping to translate words you don’t understand. But every word I hear does not have to be re-pronounced in the way of film.

Furthermore, a slightly higher level watching movies, you can learn from Ted Talk. This site is a collection of presentations by experts in all areas of life, watching the clips here while practicing English skills, gaining more knowledge and information, and being inspired again. It is the best three quarter-finals. The way to listen is like listening to a movie. In vocabulary movies are often simple, and Ted Talk talks are often more formal.

Use English level test free

One of the best way to help you English skill better is that you join and do English level test free on Internet. It’s very easy to find the best English free test on Internet with some steps for original sources. There are a lot of types of tests for your choice depending on your purpose and your level. Therefore, you can search and do one of them everyday to improve your English skill.

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