What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is a psychoactive alkaloid that is naturally found in the root of a plant called Tabernanthe Iboga. The alkaloid Ibogaine is known to induce a psychedelic state in individuals who ingest it. Because of this effect, it is used by the indigenous peoples in their rituals. Side-effects of Ibogaine include curing thirst, hunger and fatigue. Its medicinal properties led it to be used as an anti-depressant. With various anecdotal reports affirming improved sensibilities and emotional well-being upon usage. But to really understand its significance, we must observe what is Ibogaine meant to be used for?

Ibogaine is an effective cure against drug addiction. It is a milder entheogen in comparison to others. It doesn’t cause disorientation or trigger withdrawal symptoms among drug users. Because of its gentleness in effectively allowing abstinence from drugs, it is used by recreational drug experimenters. It has reportedly increased a number of successes with patients suffering from addiction to alcohol, painkillers and stimulants.

What is Ibogaine treatment process? Ibogaine is administered in a carefully measured amount of dosages. The alkaloid Ibogaine interacts with brain receptors that cause cravings for drugs like heroin. This artificial craving stimulated by heroin is subdued by Ibogaine and pre-heroin functioning of the brain is restored. However, the patient must sit through nearly 2 days of psychedelic immersion. It eventually leads patients to make coherent, rational decisions about their life. In a recent study 8 out of 16 patients were cured of heroin abuse by using Ibogaine. Their relapse didn’t occur at all over time. However, the other 8 were not so successful due to various factors. Ibogaine is not harmful to health in the manner it doesn’t cause deaths. But precautionary measures are necessary for experimenting with Ibogaine. People with previous health conditions are severely discouraged from using Ibogaine in uncontrolled and unsupervised environments.

People with drug dependency are more likely to conduct the popular search of what is Ibogaine heroin cure. The heroin cure is a simple method of numbing the heroin’s effects on the brain by allowing the individual to regain control of his impulses. The treatment process is the same for all addictions, variations may be needed in a dosage of Ibogaine to ensure optimal cure.

What is Ibogaine’s status in the world? It is not a state-approved medicine. No country has taken the initiative to approve Ibogaine as an effective solution to opiate addiction. This is due to the unexpected nature of the Ibogaine. In certain cases, severe side effects were noted to have stemmed from this alkaloid. Specifically, hallucination, cardiovascular problem and paralysis. This has not deterred various individuals from experimenting with Ibogaine. A fact proved by the growing demand of its plantation and harvest by farmers. Its market profitability is impacted by the rarity in the procurement of this elusive shrub. People with means have begun to flock to the Shamans in Amazon and Ecuador to gain relief from their addictions. They believe Ibogaine is their only hope against their battle with drug addiction.

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