How To Make Money As A Stay At Home Parent

Having a young child and staying at home is obviously a joy. You’ve given birth to a beautiful child, but to look after them does come with a few consequences. Most notably, giving up your full-time job and cutting down on pay. It can be very expensive, making sure the little one is well looked after and fed properly. This means the majority of parents will look to their savings or rely on the income of one parent to cope with the added expenses. Luckily, there are ways that Mom’s or Dad’s that stay at home can earn a little extra income all in the space of their own home. This way you can continue to spend time with the kids and save leaving the house.

Sell Goods That You Bake

Baking is a common activity that parents do to make sure the little ones are occupied, but you can also use it to make money too. This is a great way to earn money, whilst also having some fun time with kids. You can bake cupcakes or goods for birthdays where other parents may not have the time to. If there are any up and coming events on the weekend, it’s useful to take advantage of the weekdays at home and get paid for providing all kind of baked foods. Alternatively, you could use social media to show some of the things you’re baking and it can end up in sales if it gets a bit of exposure.

Write Blogs

When you have a bit of spare time after the kids have played or been put to sleep, why not take up the opportunity to whip out your laptop and blog about, well pretty much anything you like and get paid for it. There’s plenty of blogs out there already about parenting tips but if you choose to do something different, be sure to make sure your content is engaging and useful for readers so you can gain a larger following. You may still need to pay a bit of money so that your website can be hosted, and potentially pay for a domain name, but once your site is up and running there’ll be space where some interested parties may want to advertise on your website depending on how much exposure your site/blog gets. You can also gain commission from advertisements if anyone purchases a product from clicking on it.

Look After Other Parents Children

Being a parent yourself you’ve already had the experience of looking after your kids, and it’s likely that there’ll be parents who work at an office who’d prefer their children looked after when they’re away. If you have friends you could offer to look after their kids too, and they’ll know they’re in good hands because of the relationship you already have with them. It helps the kids too because they’ll have some playmates to keep them occupied. You could even go one step further and foster a child to give back to your community. It can be extremely rewarding bringing a child that’s been lost and unloved into a natural home environment, providing them with the love of a home they may not have received in the past.

Staying at home doesn’t have to completely be about dirty nappies, toy boxes, and food stained clothes. There’s plenty of advantages you have in staying at home whilst looking after children, and you don’t have to be cash-strapped whilst doing it.

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