4 Ways Machine Learning is Revolutionizing the World

Although nothing seems impossible since the invention of the internet, we still have a long way to go. Machine learning is expected to bring a new revolution in the world of technology. We have made technology a part of our lives. We use it to assist us in almost everything we do. It has made many things faster and easier for us.

However, most things require our attention before a computer program can do anything. We have to give clear instructions to the application for anything we want it to do. Every user starts to realize the limitations of these apps after using them a few times. The issue is that computer programs can’t make decisions on their own.

There was a time when programs would only do things that were hardcoded by the programmers. They can’t write a solution for every problem because there are just too many possibilities than we can count. However, that’s changing now. It’s the era of machine learning. Now programs will be able to learn new things themselves and make decisions based on that. They will work just like humans and do a better job.

Though it’s still far from completion, the foundation has been built. Now all that’s left is building an empire on it. Now it’s up to us how big of the building we develop. We know that the foundation is strong and it won’t collapse. Here I have shared some ways machine learning has started changing every industry and profession.

Accurate Targeted Marketing

It has already been implemented, and it is going to get even better. Machine learning has made it possible for machines to understand the user and promote a relevant product. While a computer program can’t write marketing content, they can help you identify the pain points of the user. Almost every big online platform, especially ecommerce stores, is using artificial intelligence to retain their customers.

One big example is YouTube. It keeps collecting the data about your behavior and predicts what you might like to see next or on your home page. You have heard it many times that people got lost for hours watching videos on YouTube. That’s how their machine learning algorithm works. They also use it to show you the ads that you would be most interested in. For example, if you are watching a video about fashion, you are more likely to find an advertisement for clothing, shoes, or fashion products useful.

Similar is the case with the giant online stores of Amazon and AliBaba. They recommend things based on your behavior. This is not done by a person sitting on the other side of the screen. It’s an intelligent program that keeps collecting data and predicts what you are more likely to buy.

Fast Analysis and Prediction

Over 90% of data today was created in the last two years. As the web 2.0 has taken a rise, this number is only expected to increase exponentially. Data is an opportunity to learn and make a decision based on that. However, most of the data is unstructured and likely useless. A human can never read so much data and convert it into information. That’s the job of a computer program.

What humans can do is create that computer program. That’s why most IT professionals have started to take Machine Learning Training. This will allow them to develop intelligent applications with a computer language like Python. Today’s artificially intelligent computer programs keep collecting and analyzing user data. The goal is to extract the most useful insights from it. These insights are then converted in a graphical representation for a human to understand, or the program itself makes the decision.

Google search engine is one of the smartest and most complex programs. It analysis millions of results and predicts which results the user would like to see. All this is done within nanoseconds before the user can blink. Can you imagine how much time it would take a human to read those millions of pages and rank results accordingly? Today, machine learning is helping even the business community. It summarizes years of data and shares in a user-friendly presentation to let the businessman make the decision.

Helpful Virtual Assistant

We all want our mobile phones to have a proper discussion with us and do everything for us. They are already accommodating, but we, as humans, always expect more from technology. It was to fulfil this need that Alexa and Siri were launched. They are, no doubt, amazing programs built on machine learning.

Even today, they are very smart and tell things we should know and find useful. For example, if you are going out, you should know about the weather. The program itself checks your location and the weather of that place to tell you. That’s just one of the simplest functions.

They will get far more advance in the future and work with us as our assistant. You find chatbots on many sites today. Though they are not as efficient, they also work like an assistant. They engage a website visitor while the owner is not available. They are predicted to replace all customer representatives in the world.

Medical Diagnosis

The field of medicine is very vast, and doctors still consider themselves way behind learning it to its extent. There is just so much to learn that a lifetime is nearly not enough, and one brain can’t hold that much information. We have been using the knowledge of our ancestors and adding our own research for centuries, but we still don’t have solutions to many medical problems.

This generation is hoping that the technology would help them explore this field further and one day robots will become the perfect doctor. Computer programs don’t die like us humans and, unlike humans, they can store unlimited data. They are already helping doctors diagnose patients and carry out operations, but can’t lead without a human mind. Machine learning has the power to one day change this. Check here for information about  free consultation

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