Why GPU Maintenance Can Improve Efficiency

Summary: Ground power units require the technician to calibrate it accordingly and ensure it’s running at full capacity.

A mere ground power unitcan play a large role in the overall efficiency of a maintenance program. A well-maintained ground power unit can provide a significant increase in overall efficiency. If you’re going to utilize GPUs in your aviation maintenance plan, be sure that you keep your equipment calibrated, clean, and ready to work on a minute’s notice.


Maintaining Your Equipment

Like you would with every piece of maintenance equipment, you’ll want to ensure that each unit is cleaned, oiled, and provides an accurate amount of power. If you are troubleshooting, it’s wise to refer to your manufacturer’s manual. For instance, companies such as Start Pac will provide you with a manual that details every aspect of the ground power unit in the case of malfunction or error.


If you have functioning ground power units and units that are in need of repairs or maintenance, be sure that you separate the two. This will assist you in determining what type of equipment can be used on the current plane as opposed to shuffling through different units in order to find the right one. Remember, battery packs are different from one another. Be sure you advise your team and designate specific locations for each unit.

Final Takeaway

Whether you’re using lithium batteries or other similar power types, it’s important that you understand the importance of maintenance. A calibrated, well-maintained ground power unit will allow you to take advantage of the full capabilities that the unit itself can offer.

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