Scientifically Proven Ways to Lose Weight

There are countless ways to lose weight. Whether that be exercising a certain amount or even getting optimal levels of sleep.

Throughout this article, we will look to explore suitable weight loss strategies which have been proved to be effective by researchers and scientific experts.

Diet importance

Your diet plays a huge role in determining how successful you are at losing weight.

Alongside working on diet, some people tend to take weight loss tablets. Orlistat, Alli and Orlos just to name a few.

Turning towards your specific diet, you can consider the following three suggestions:

  1. Eat spicy foods
    It has been found that spicy food can boost metabolism rates and can even reduce your appetite.
  2. Eat slowly
    Chewing slowly can lead to people eating less calories.
  3. Drink green tea
    Antioxidants are in green tea. The antioxidants work alongside caffeine to increase fat burning.


Exercise is great for weight loss. Not only can it help you lose weight but it can also help with the maintenance of your weight. The reason for this is because of the boost in your metabolism and increase in lean body mass due to exercising.

With regards to an insight into recommended levels of exercise, it has been suggested that at least three days a week of exercise is undertaken. Each exercise session should last a minimum of 20 minutes. If you are looking to lose a fair amount of weight, the more exercise you do, the more it is going to help.

Get the ideal level of sleep

The amount of sleep that you get is very important. There are an array of reasons, as to why getting optimal levels of sleep is crucial.

Firstly, with poor sleep you are more likely to boost your appetite. Hence, you will feel the need to eat more. This will not help with weight loss.

Secondly, a lack of getting enough sleep can affect your metabolic rate. Therefore, when your body is at rest, the calories that are burnt will be lower if combined with poor sleep.

Identify your why

It is imperative that you are really inspired to truly lose weight. As even if someone was to consistently motivate you, it would not be effective, if you do not have the true and real desire to lose weight.

In order to get the strong desire and feel inspired, you could look towards curating a list of rewards that you will get when you hit particular mileposts.

Additionally, having people around you who can support you can really make a difference in helping you to follow through. This is because they can keep you motivated by words of encouragement or can even bounce ideas around with you on how you can progress further.

As you can see from this article, losing weight is possible with different options that can be undertaken to achieve it.

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