Anand Mishra: The Man Behind The Successful Star Infranet

Anand Mishra is the CEO and founder of Star Infranet. But, if you want to know more about this successful individual then check out this article that is specially made for you. 

Nowadays, most business owners consider web development as one of the most important parts of their advertising tool, encouraging Anand Mishra to build Star Infranet.

But the big question is……

Do you know Anand Mishra? Or are you aware with Star Infranet? If so, then that is good to hear. But if not, then keep on reading this content and see how great and successful this professional turned to an entrepreneur individual.

Who is Anand Mishra?

Anand Mishra Indian Entrepreneur is the chief executive officer of Star Infranet a popular Indian IT company that is under the logo of Tathastu Information Technology Pvt Ltd.

Mishra’s profile is highly recognized as the top professional prodigy with dignified as well as a successful businessman in the field of IT. However, Mishra’s success when it comes to marketing and business didn’t come easily.

From the very beginning, he sensed the necessity of online marketing that according to him, may possibly give him an outstanding success.

Mishra started his career with not the same thoughts which gotten him an enormous success in increasing the Tathastu Information Technology Pvt Ltd from five employees to fifty expert professional experts.

Mishra’s honest determination brought him to this highest level of success and management.

At the age of 17, Mishra started programming and four years later he entered the corporate world. He has a bachelor degree from Delhi University.

Mishra, on the other hand, worked in the Telecom sector for a couple of years. However, his experience in the said sector aided him in his vision and mission of thriving the Star Infranet.

His smooth supervision and control through the company have made him possible to work concurrently in the various sector of services such as cloud services, domain registration, digital marketing e-commerce, and web development and designing.

Not to mention, he made the digital space for the ITV Network. Furthermore, he created the news portals for NewsX and India News.

What is Star Infranet?

Star Infranet has highly recognized in the domain as well as in the web industry. In addition, it’s one of the best companies that offer services like cloud services, domain registration, digital marketing, e-commerce, web development, and web designing.

Anand Mishra’s Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited was founded by him in 2010. Because of Mishra’s innovative thinking, great dedication, and determination he doesn’t only receive the award as a young professional entrepreneur but the Star Infranet hails as one of the best names when it comes to cloud technology as well.

What Are The Questions Often Asked for Anand Mishra?

  • What brought Mishra to his success and the top level of management?

Mishra’s honest determination as well as hard work brought are the main reasons why he achieved his success.

Also, he always strives for excellence so that he will be able to accomplish several demanding tasks. As a matter of fact, he is open to inventive and original ideas.

  • What are the advantages of hiring a professional website developer according to Mishra?

Despite the fact that content management systems and website builders let anyone build their own website virtually, hiring professionals is still more advantageous particularly if you want to have a website that really stands out.

Here are some of the reasons why Mishra encouraged business owners to hire a professional website developer.

Mishra said, having a nice-looking website is not enough if you want your site to stand out. You need to ensure that it comprises high-quality content, well-optimized, and functioning properly. Nevertheless, Mishra and his team are covering these services to let their customers concentrate on their business.

  • Why Mishra said that he owes his success to his team?

As we all know, Mishra contributed a lot to his company for it to become successful. But, he also thanks his team, because without them he can’t win the victory he enjoys today.

His team, on the other hand, is composed of highly skilled experts who accomplished all their tasks according to the utmost standards.

  • How Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited Helped Mr. Mishra to Achieve Its Success?

The Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited allowed them to reach more and more audience in just a short period of time. Aside from that, it offers them constant support, especially on the advertising front.

  • What Are The Biggest and Latest Challenges in Web Development

When it comes to web development there are lots of challenges that need to be addressed such as enhancing the user experience, multiple platform applications, and speeding up mobile apps and websites.

However, Mishra thinks that the greatest challenge in today’s day and age lies in security. As a matter of fact, security ruptures continue to rise, however, there has not been plenty of changes when it comes to making mobile apps and websites more secure.

Either way, according to Mishra, as developers it is their duty to build security into the applications and websites they are creating.

  • What are things Mishra and his team are doing to cope up with the changes in the web development industry?

According to Mishra, being on top is very challenging due to rapid changes in the web development industry.

On the other hand, in Star Infranet, Mishra take pride in providing a pioneering way out depending on what presently works.

Even so, this needs a lot of effort, hard work, time and most importantly, investment. Why? Simply because his team has to experiment using various strategies so that they’ll be able to figure out what conveys better results.

Nevertheless, Mishra and his team are working hard to put up with the needs of their customers as well as make them happy.


With his humble beginnings as a programmer in India, Anand Mishra did his best to become a very successful and renowned individual. His skills, experience, and most importantly his knowledge led to the foundation of his very own and successful company, Star Infranet.

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