How to Complete a Perfect Pedicure in 10 simple steps

When we are ready to show our feet, whether due to a nice occasion, great weather, or both, we want our toe nails to look awesome! Our feet and toes take a lot of neglect and wear with both the shoes we wear and the amount of moving around we do. Getting a pedicure at the nail salon is a relaxing and calming experience where our feet feel rejuvenated and relaxed. This how-to guide by Scottsdale Nail Salon will give you all of the suggestions and steps needed to give the perfect pedicure so you can show off your feet in confidence that they look as good as the rest of you.

Materials Needed

  • Foot scrub lotion
  • Orange stick
  • Nail polish
  • Toe separators
  • Towel
  • Bowl
  • Lotion
  • Soap

Step 1. Remove any Old Polish

If you have any old polish, you can remove it with acetone nail polish remover.

Step 2. Clean and Soften your Feet

A pedicure focuses on more than just our toes. Fill a bowl with warm and soapy water and put your feet in it for around five minutes. The water helps to soften our skin, any calluses or blisters we might have, and our cuticles. It sets the stage for relaxation, but also helps to make our feet easier to work with.

Step 3. Remove Calluses

Using a foot file, apply it to the bottom of your foot pad and heel, the areas that have the most impact with the ground. These parts of our feet get beat up and need extra attention.

Step 4. Use an Exfoliating Wash

To keep your skin as smooth as can be, use an exfoliating scrub to soften and get rid of any dead skin that we have. After about two minutes, place your feet back into the water, rinse them off, and dry them.

Step 5. Massage your Legs

Run your hands up and down your legs from your toes to your calf and then use circular motions from your calf to your toes. Finally, gently pull and massage each individual toe.

Step 6. Clean and Shape Nails

This step moves to focus on the nails. You should use nail clippers to trim your nails and then a filing board to shape the edges and make them smooth.

Step 7. Remove Unwanted Cuticle

Our cuticle serves an important role in protecting our nails. It can also prevent your nails from fully shining because it overlaps some of the nail bed. Using an orange stick or other cuticle pusher, simply push the cuticle back. It is not necessary to trim your cuticle and can actually cause more harm than good unless you are advanced at nail care.

Step 8. Get Ready to Paint

Place a towel under your feet, find somewhere comfortable, and insert your toe separators.

Step 9. Paint and Style

Start the painting process with a base coat and allow this to dry. Then pick a nail polish color and apply it evenly to your nails. It is better to apply polish in thin layers and allow it to dry, then in thick layers that can drip, clump, or chip off. Once you are sure that your nails are dry, apply a finishing coat for extra protection.

Step 10. Dry your Nails

The last remaining step is to dry your nails. You can let them air dry or apply a hair dresser at low heat.

Now that you are prepared to give yourself the perfect pedicure, you can set the stage for relaxation. It is fun to hold a pedicure party with your friends or to cheer someone up who has had a hard day. So sit back, relax, and let your painted toe nails shine.

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