Experts’ Global- Absolute Guidance in GMAT prep and MBA Admissions Consulting

 Experts’ Global is identified by its absolutely methodical and comprehensive approach to GMAT preparation and MBA admissions consulting. Over the decade, since its inception, the firm has helped a large spectrum of students, both international and domestic, not only acquire competent GMAT scores but also obtain admit into the prominent B-school programs.

About the Company

An Ed-Tech firm, Experts’ Global, has been founded on the concept of utilizing technology to impart education. Since 2008, with such products and services, at disposal of the students, as GMAT Online Preparation Program, 15 GMAT Practice Tests with Video Explanations, MBA Admissions Consulting, and GMAT Classroom Program in Noida, the firm has helped thousands of students, worldwide, achieve their target career goals; the students have earned admits into each of the top-150 global management programs. The firm’s wide repute is justified by the representation of 50 nationalities in its student base. A significant proportion of students come from India and every 10th Indian studying in the US top 50 B-schools happens to be an Experts’ Global alumni!

Online Preparation of GMAT

Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep program is the most all-encompassing test prep program for GMAT. The resources offered by this program include – 300+ conceptual videos, 4000+ practice questions on a truly GMAT like interface, and 15 full-length tests with video explanations – a testament to its comprehensive approach to helping students with their GMAT preparation. The program has been designed on a simple training regime of learning by practice. At the outset, the student watches a short video on a specific GMAT concept and thereafter, tests his/her understanding of the concept by answering a short exercise based on the same. The analytics-powered software provides both textual and video explanations of the questions and allows the student to either retake the entire exercise or only the incorrect attempts. Further, the AI enabled software analyzes user behavior to assess the learning needs of the students and provides relevant study recommendations. A set of smart features also makes the learning experience fun and efficient!

Mock Practice Tests for GMAT

Experts’ Global believes in the ideology of intensive practicing of the concepts to ensure proper stronghold on the same. Thus, their GMAT practice test series is reputed as the most exhaustive GMAT mock test series. With 15 full-length tests on a truly GMAT like interface and video as well as textual explanations of every question, this test series is definitely the most advanced mock test series. The robust analytics, further, enable the student to understand their specific areas of weakness, while a range of innovative features add to the entire learning experience. Importantly, thousands of test-takers, worldwide, have reported a good sync between their mock and final GMAT scores.

Classroom Training for GMAT

Experts’ Global also conducts live classroom training for GMAT preparation in Noida. Conducted in the business center of a premium hotel, these classes are testament to Mr. Mayank Srivastava’s interest in imparting knowledge and empowering students. However, to ensure maximum attention to each student, only 12-15 students are accepted in each batch and only about 1-2 batches are taught every year. These students also obtain access to the online GMAT prep program, designed by Experts’ Global, that includes 300+ videos, 4000+ practice questions on a GMAT-like interface, 15 full-length tests with video explanations, and some really insightful analytics and diagnostics.

Guidance for the MBA Admission Process

Experts’ Global strives to invest maximum attention on each student. Hence, to be able to work with a limited number of students, they follow the boutique consulting pattern. The end-to-end MBA admissions consulting process, followed by the firm’s admission team, ensures that every aspect of the application process is duly dealt with – short-listing schools, story boarding, resume writing, filling up application form, and answering every subjective query of the students pertaining to the admissions process. This comprehensive approach has helped Experts’ Global students gain admits to each of the top-150 global MBA programs. Particularly, the firm stands proud of its success in having secured, consistently for the last 10 years, scholarships worth USD 10 Million to the candidates. Indeed, Experts’ Global is an acclaimed name among MBA aspirants!

Guidance for the ISB Admission Process

Experts’ Global admissions teams are deft in the application process of the major global B-schools. However, having catered to a significant proportion of applications, solely targeting ISB, the team has mastered knowledge of the nuances of the ISB application process. The admissions team can aptly guide the candidates in understanding the relevance of the school’s offerings to their profile and career aspirations. The fact that almost 90 percent of Experts’ Global’s ISB applicants receive interview calls and roughly 40% of the candidates end up with a final admit from ISB, every year, testifies Experts’ Global’s deftness in the domain.

Training for MBA Admissions Interview

Cognizant of the importance of the MBA admissions interview, Experts’ Global have devised a thorough interview training program. This training program proceeds in 3 distinct stages and the disciplined approach ensures the candidate’s absolute skill-development. The student begins the training process by watching a series of 15 conceptual videos on MBA interview preparation. Next, the student answers an exhaustive set of most commonly asked MBA interview questions. The extremely experienced interview mentor then conducts the first mock interview session. This mock is followed by detailed feedback on the student’s performance. The student is required to duly incorporate this feedback that spans every aspect of the MBA interview process, including body language, content, etc. and then obtain appointment for the second round of mock interview session with the interview mentor.

Smart Technology Usage

The firm has deployed smart technology tools to be able to help a wider spectrum of students with GMAT prep and MBA admissions process. The mobile phone applications for GMAT prep and MBA admissions are the most innovative and exhaustive utility of technology ever deployed by an Ed-The firm. Few of the distinguishing features of these applications include built-in range of smart features that make the learning process fun and interesting and the compatibility of the applications with every software, Android or iOS. Thus, students can access the resources from the comfort of home and at the convenience of their own time.

A Dedicated YouTube Channel with over 3000 Free Educational Videos

Experts’ Global’s YouTube channel is the most comprehensive resource for GMAT preparation and MBA admissions. The channel has streamed over 3000 free instructional videos, and these short, crisp videos, playing for a maximum of 1-10 minutes and discussing only one specific concept at a time, empowers the students with a thorough and disciplined approach to GMAT prep and MBA admissions processes.

Quality and Complimentary Resources

Experts’ Global is a thought leader who has re-defined the concept of Ed-Tech. The firm, driven by their earnest interest to help MBA aspirants achieve their desired career goals, conducts extensive research for developing their resources that includes an exhaustive set of conceptual videos on GMAT preparation, MBA applications, and MBA admission interview preparation. These resources greatly help to explain the popular myths, thereby enabling the students to take well-informed decisions regarding their career trajectory. A free GMAT practice test, based on Artificial Intelligence algorithm is also offered to the students that serves manifold purpose – helps the students determine their preparation needs and identifies one’s five weakest areas in both quanta and verbal section.

Taking Responsibility of Social Causes

Experts’ Global altruistic spirit has caused the firm to form a fund, to which a sum of INR 200 is regularly donated from every enrollment, that is used to help worthy social causes. Further, the firm has adopted the education and upbringing responsibilities of several children belonging to underprivileged families.

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