4 Things to Know Before Buying CBD Oil for Your Dog

There are many reasons why you need get CBD oil for dogs. CBD oil has been researched vastly and is believed to be a cure that could ease the suffering of pets.

Studies have shown a high potential in CBD oil alleviating epilepsy and seizure, preventing and killing cancer cells, decreasing anxiety, relieving pain, helping with bowel disease, reducing inflammation, protecting the nervous system, and increasing appetite. It also may good for the heart, but more importantly CBD oil is safe and effective.

With its prominence across the globe, numerous companies have many remarkable strives to deliver the high quality version of CBD products, likewise there are low-quality producers offering terrible CBD oil to customers and pets, so it’s important to research carefully when choosing a provider.

Good CBD oils are safe, natural and useful for your dog but often it can be confusing to know how to spot good products? Awful CBD oils are terrible, unfit, and risky for your pet. Recognizing awful CBD can be just as hard as recognizing good CBD.

That’s why this article removes that stress and will show you the five essential things to help you to distinguish good CBD oil from the bad ones, and ensuring the safety of your dog.

Four Things to Check Before Buying a CBD Oil

  1. Check the Certificate of Analysis (COA): A certificate that shows the lab testing results of CBD oil. The Certificate of Analysis must be displayed by the seller either on their website or shop. If a company doesn’t offer such a certificate, don’t purchase the oil. This certificate is known as the Certificate of Analysis because it tells customers more in-dept information regarding the substance they wish to buy. With a COA, you can without much of a stretch know whether the oil is good or not.
  2. Pick a Product with ZERO Detectable THC: All CBD oil extracted from hemp plants must contain a THC level of 0.3 percent or lower on its Certificate of Analysis. Nevertheless, the best CBD should contain no perceptible THC by any means. Since dogs react different to THC than people, a little trace of THC will affect your dog. That’s to say, if you discover a hint of THC on the COA, don’t buy the product.
  3. Low Price CBD Oil is a Bad Choice: Is cheaper CBD oil always better? The answer is no. CBD oil that is significantly lower than the market cost demonstrates that the company is compromising on quality as the process of extracting CBD from the hemp plant is expensive. The CO2 extraction process in itself, utilizes complex equipment. If a company use cheaper and less demanding chemical extraction forms, it can leave residues from lethal solvents like butane, propane and ethanol in the CBD oil. Such toxic residue would reduce the quality, purity and potency, and worse is dangerous to your dog’s wellbeing.
  4. Products Labeled as Hemp Oil May Be a Wrong Option: Many producers skirt regulations by putting “hemp oil” on their product instead of CBD oil. Manufacturers do this because they want to stay away from the rules without breaking them. If you cannot confirm the CBD content in the hemp oil, do not get it.

Medix CBD The Right CBD Oil for Your Dog


In case you’re searching for a CBD oil that satisfies each one of those five essentials in keeping your dog safe and healthy, Medix CBD is the correct choice. And that is the motivation behind why leading veterinarians across the globe suggest CBD as a potential solution for taking care of dogs suffering from pain or anxiety.

Medix CBD products are non-psychoactive derivatives of cannabis containing insignificant traces of THC. Their products have gone through lab testing, and are infused with bacon-flavored CBD rich hemp oil that dogs will love.

You can purchase Medix CBD oil in various dosages to suit the specific needs of your pet. It’s recommended to choose a CBD oil dosage that correlates with your dog’s size, as it offers CBD oil tinctures for small, medium and large sized dogs. And it’s advisable you buy CBD oil housed in a tincture, since using a dropper allow you to effectively control the dosage of the oil drops without excessively giving your dogs too much. Likewise, on this point, the Medix CBD is a CBD oil in a tincture.

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