Easy & Effective Way To Repair PST Outlook 2010

Are you facing Outlook 2010 corruption issues? Do you want to repair corrupt pst in outlook 2010? Microsoft Outlook 2010 is a recent email application. It organizes your personal and professional data having a user-friendly interface. It has some advanced features like email, task, messages, contacts, calendars..etc to keep in touch with the people. Microsoft Outlook 2010 stores data in a personal storage table or in PST format. Sometimes it happens that PST file gets deleted, damaged or corrupted due to some reason and it is required to repair PST Outlook 2010.

Outlook 2010 repairing

Reasons for corruption in outlook 2010

Due to the corrupted PST file.
While exchanging mail account.
Improper closing of outlook.
Due to Virus attack.
Due to oversized PST file etc.
It is very frustrating situation because all its happen unexpectedly and due to this sudden action it is very difficult to know the reason of the errors and crash, but anyhow you have to repair PST outlook 2010.

Common error messages when outlook 2010 crashes

When outlook 2010 pst file gets corrupted people to encounter some error messages like given below :
� Errors have been detected in the file outlook.pst � .
” Unable to open the pst file”.

How to Repair Corrupt PST in Outlook 2010

Scanpst.exe or inbox repair tool is an inbuilt utility that can repair your Outlook 2010. It can be used to repair your outlook pst files. there are so many pst repair software in the market. However, there are some limitations of this software. It can only repair header corruption. Also, it cannot repair oversized pst file. If you want to repair these kinds of corruption issues in Outlook 2010, you should use third party outlook pst repair tool. It has advanced features to scan and repair the damages. The software is capable to repair PST outlook 2010. Outlook pst repair software is compatible with the various version of Outlook such as Outlook 2003, 2007 etc. Now it is available in the trial as well as license version. But trial version can only get the preview of the repaired files, but in order to save the file, it will purchase the licensed version.

How to Resolve Outlook 2013 Could Not Complete the Operation

Microsoft Outlook 2013 is one of the best personal email management application and which make this application to be used by several users. Although not only used to manage email application but it also includes to manage data like contacts, journal, tasks, calendar, web browsing etc. It is also known as a standalone application and can be used by multiple users in an organization. Where it is much more advanced than its predecessor but sometimes it becomes inaccessible due to various reasons and after which it is not for users to access any single data. In many cases when users try to access data get with error message “ outlook 2013 could not complete the operation”. In order to get rid of such a problem, it is better for users to fix such problems immediately. Effective repair tool is one of the best solutions with which it is easy for users to get rid of such problems.
Many of times it arises when users try to access any of Microsoft outlook data save in PST file format get with a different type of error message “outlook 2013 could not complete the operation”. Even after trying for the number of times get with same error message again.
“ outlook 2013 could not complete the operation ”
“ Outlook.pst is not a personal storage folder file ”
Generally, such type of problem arises because of Microsoft Outlook damage and corruption. Though such problem occurs because of getting infected with virus and malware, when Microsoft outlook 2013 version is not installed properly in the system, not handling the application in better manner, storage media problem, hard drive problem. Other than some of the thing which is mainly responsible for the inaccessibility of Personal storage data are accidental deletion, formatting of device, unintentional formatting of the system on which outlook application is installed. Though it is one of the most irritating situations for the users who get with such problems. It becomes troublesome for those who used to exchange daily information via this application. However, it does not matter what are the reasons and which lead to such type of problems.
In order to get get rid of such an Outlook problem, there is provided an inbuilt application called Scanpst.exe. Usually, it helps to scan the while damage and corrupted PST file data and try to fix the errors. Where it is located at different location in every different version of Microsoft Outlook application

In MS Outlook 2013: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15

Once the Scanpst.exe is located just make double click on it to start the application. Before it is suggested that outlook application all data are closed properly. Required to follow the below steps to fix out the Microsoft outlook problems.
  • Double-click SCANPST.EXE.
  • Inbox repair tool Window box will start appearing
  • Suggested to make click on the browse button to select for the files from the system directory
  • Star the process of scanning to repair the file which is corrupted
  • Wait for some time. According to the PST file, it takes time to make scanning of file
  • Make location to save the new repaired file
  • By default option for making a backup of the file is repair is checked. Suggested that just keep it check if just want to create the backup of the file
  • Just click on repair to repair the file which is scanned
  • Once the process of scanning will get completed message will be received by you
Error outlook 2013 could not complete the operation is really difficult for users to handle with the inbuilt application. Even if fails to read the type of corruption then start throwing an error message and which is really difficult for users to understand. It happens because of the limitation. Where PST repair software is one of the best solutions through which it is easy for users to fix the problem.
Using this application it is possible for users to make complete scanning of the system and fix out all the problem due to which outlook problem has arisen. Even it is easy for any of them to easily use this tool and get rid of such a problem. If you are one among those users who are looking to get rid of such PST inaccessibility problem and error then better is to use this tool.
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