Top iPhone Antivirus Apps in 2018

A lot of iOS users believe that their devices are not vulnerable to malware just because they are made by Apple.

But the reality is that iPhones are not invincible. Sure, many years ago when first generations of iPhones were released, hackers didn’t create viruses for them. All these years malefactors weren’t sitting without any action. They were creating tons of new malicious software specifically for iOS devices. So today iPhones have as many chances to catch a virus as any Android device. Therefore, you shouldn’t stay full of hope that your smartphone will be safe and neglect antivirus software.

Unfortunately, you can’t just pick the first antivirus you see and rely on it completely. There are a lot of fairly useless apps that would just waste a huge amount of resources and do literally nothing. That’s why we tested lots of antivirus application that are popular in App Store and picked ones that have shown the best performance. So here is a list of top antivirus apps with a description of their pros and cons.

Lookout Mobile Security

It is a free antivirus that offers pretty decent protection for the iPhone. The application is running all the time on the background. But even though it is constantly working, it doesn’t take all the capacity of the device. The system is running quite smoothly while Lookout Mobile Security is scanning it.

This application has a great feature – an anti-theft option that will track the location of your iPhone if it is stolen or lost. So your chances to get it back are quite high. Unlike many free antiviruses, Lookout Mobile Security will really protect your device from antiviruses while browsing.

Norton Internet Security

This name is quite famous. We all know this antivirus provider as a reliable protection tool for our computers. But not many users are aware of the fact that Norton also has mobile antivirus apps. So you can install it on your iPhone and let it protect your smartphone as well.

The application offers reliable security. It will scan the system and the stored data and remove viruses as it finds them. This cycle is run routinely, so the user doesn’t really have to control it. Just like Lookout Mobile Security, Norton Internet Security has an anti-theft feature that tracks the location of a lost or stolen device. Overall, we should say that the mobile version of this antivirus is even more powerful than the desktop one.


TotalAV antivirus is not really popular among iPhone users. Still, it offers reliable protection from ransomware, malware and hacker attacks. On top of usual antivirus features, this provider offers something more than just security.

TotalAV iOS application allows boosting the performance of the device. It will scan your storage and detect unused files and thrash. By removing it, the software will increase the speed of the system significantly. Sure, there are a lot of apps that detect and remove thrash. But it is much better when a single program is doing several useful things.

Virus Barrier

This incredibly cheap antivirus – it will cost you only $1 – offers pretty decent protection for iOS devices. It will do the routine job of the antivirus application: scan the system, detect viruses and remove them. Definitely, Virus Barrier will lose if you compare it to any of antiviruses we’ve mentioned already. But if you need a simple yet reliable shield that will keep your iPhone safe, we recommend you give this application a try.

McAfee Antivirus

It is another veteran among antiviruses, and we could not but include it in our list. McAfee has a great reputation for highly reliable software that protects the device from ransomware, malware and any other threats.

McAfee will provide you with a complete safety while you’re browsing. It will keep the information about the system accurate and detect viruses as they reach the device. Thus, the malicious software will simply have no time to harm your files.

Antivirus Detective

It’s one more basic antivirus that will scan your iPhone for malware and viruses on the background. It doesn’t require many resources so it won’t slow the system down. Also, it doesn’t use a lot of power so that you won’t have problems with your battery. It is a great advantage because a lot of antiviruses will keep your device on a low level of charge.

Avast SecureLine VPN

It’s not quite an antivirus. It’s a VPN service offered by a famous provider. Avast has a reputation of a reliable antivirus provider for a computer. It is one of the oldest companies that stay on guard of your safety. The VPN service won’t scan your iPhone for viruses and malware. But it will protect you from getting it.

We recommend choosing this application if you use public WiFi a lot. Avast VPN will keep you away from malicious sites and shield you from viruses. Also, it will let you hide your internet activity. It will also protect you from hacker attacks.

It doesn’t really matter which application do you choose to install. What matters is that you will have it on your device. Antiviruses listed in this article are rather reliable, and you can trust them with your safety when you’re online.

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