How Billing software is helping business to manage large client base

There are numerous companies are available to provide best billing software in Chennai. Billing software can be used to generate invoices and bills for any kind of business. In addition to that it helps business owners and sales peoples to generate their quotes, proforma invoices and delivery challans for their daily activities. Irrespective of size of a business, billing software should be used to generate their daily bills and invoices. If a company runs with one or two employees, daily operations can be maintained in books and hard copy. On the other hand mid sized and large size business cannot be run without billing software Chennai, India. Because enterprise and midsized companies would have large number of employees and client base. It is always difficult to manage large number of employees and clients. In this article we are going to cover how billing software is helping enterprise to manage large client base.

Client Engagement

As a company keep on growing, their number of client and number of employees also will grow. Basically, growing percentage is directly proportional to number of years a business is running. Client engagement is an art of growing business to get repeated business from same client. If a company has 1000 clients, it is always difficult to engage all your clients with the company. Hence, billing software plays vital role in client engagement. Some of the client engagement techniques billing software can do.

BI Analysis: Effective Billing software should generate analysis to analyse which product is selling mostly, which client purchasing regularly, which period of time a product is selling and business people set discounts according to the interest and seasons.

Notification: After doing successful payment or invoice generation, billing software should generate an automated SMS or email to the client. This leads to a customer to build a trust on company. This notification can be an SMS, app notification and email notification.

Loyalty Points: Based on the analysis, billing software can give discount codes for the customer depends upon their loyalty points. This loyalty points will be calculated at the time of sales invoice is generated and same can be utilised in next sales.

Invoice Templates

Presentation is always plays prominent role in business process. In that respect, invoice design will leads to judge about company standard and their skills. Now a day’s lots of GST billing software in Chennai has modern templates to generate the invoices. In addition, it is highly customizable based on client’s requirement.  As much as invoice design is important, content on the invoice is also important. Good billing software comprises the good invoice templates with required contents and user friendly screens. For an example, GST compliance invoices should have the content such as GST number of client and company, Tax type and HSN code of product or service. Certainly, billing software should support all type of paper formats such as A4, A5 and small slips.

Payment Follow-up

As per a survey, 80 percent of the invoices generated based on credit basis. In that respect, it is essential to do follow up the client to make payment on time. It will help company to avoid bad debts or irrecoverable dues. Enterprise or large companies will generate hundreds of invoices on daily bases on credit. Consequently, there is chance to increase the bad debts of the company day by day if the follow up is not done. Billing software in Chennai ensures that each and every invoice should get paid on time in order to maintain zero dues among all clients. Thus, large companies will get paid all invoices on time irrespective of sales people. These payment follow-up can be tracked through billing software and same will be intimated through SMS or emails. In order to send payment follow-up for numerous clients, companies are using bulk sms service provider in Bangalore.

Multiple Users

Enterprise and midsized companies will have large number of employees in order to manage their larger client list. Billing software should allow companies to create n number of users under one master user. Based the roles of users, billing software should provide the access such as read, write and delete operations in screens. Thus, admin can analyse the performance and modified log of a bills from anywhere in the globe. Rather using single user for all operation, management can have multiple users for billing software to generate invoice process rapidly. We can identify the mistakes and modified logs from the billing software to track the each bill status. Since most of the companies will have presence in worldwide, it is essential to maintain cloud based billing software to maintain their large team to assist large customers.


From all above points we can conclude that best billing software with above features will help large and midsized companies to maintain their client list. As we discussed above, instead of using legacy offline billing software, cloud billing software is best for enterprise as they have many branches in various countries.

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