7 Nifty Meal Prep Techniques For Mommies Expecting


Should expectant mothers take a special type of food? Meal preparation is one of the vital aspects of our everyday life. When it comes to meal preparation, there is a lot of diversity. Some people take bodybuilding meals, as others strive to cut on weight.

If you are an expectant mother, always remember that the nutrition you take can enhance or destroy child’s development. Here is a guide that will show you everything, from meal planning to implementation.

If you are not on proper nutrition, then you increase the chances of fetal wastage. In addition, you are at a high risk of delivering an underweight child. A study reveals that a well-prepared meal can help you finish pregnancy successfully.

Before diving headlong into meal preparation, you need a working meal plan. Here are few features of a good meal plan for expectant moms.

5 Features Of A Good Meal Plan


  • Keep the food proportional – Do not just focus on making a balanced diet. Instead, let the nutrients be proportional. The recommended amount of carbs is not same as the number of vitamins you should be taking. Here is the recommended ratio. Take four parts of carbohydrates, three parts of protein and three parts of fat.
  • A good meal plan has a variety of foods. In this case, if your body reacts one kind of food, you can find other alternatives.
  • A good meal plan should be well-researched. For instance, expectant mothers should take omega 3 fatty acids, iodine, iron, carbs, proteins, and vitamins.
  • Have a flexible calendar – The primary goal of meal planning is to have a clear future. For this reason, your meal plan should be compatible with upcoming religious occasions.
  • Have a simple meal plan with recipes you can prepare on the go.

A Healthy Living For Expectant Moms: 7  Meal Preparation Techniques



As an expecting mother, you are going to increase the amount of food you eat. It is because few pounds will go to the baby, the other weight will make the amniotic fluid, blood, or strengthen the placenta.

These techniques can be used throughout the 9 months of pregnancy, and when breastfeeding the infant.

1. Avoid unhealthy foods

Hot dog and soft cheese can be dangerous. Eating hot dogs will increase your child’s chances of developing a brain tumour. Studies also reveal that hotdogs can catalyse It childhood cancer.

Also, soft cheese produces a disease-causing bacteria. Hormonal changes during pregnancy put expectant moms at a higher chance of bacterial infection. Other unhealthy foods to avoid include raw foods, alcohol, and unhygienic food.

2. Make quick meals

Meals should take an average of 15-25 minutes to prepare from start to finish. Mommies expecting should spend little time cooking to give them time for rest. Take previously washed foods. Also, fast food can save you money. Instead of taking hefty meals few times a day, you should focus on taking simple meals, several times a day.

3. Take plenty of calcium

Foods like rice and milk will provide enough calcium for the baby’s bone development. Other factors like age can hinder a woman’s ability to absorb the right amounts of calcium. Besides, calcium gives you enough milk, making you ready for breastfeeding. You can consider getting supplement products for maximum nutrition.

4. Reducing nausea

Simple foods containing starch are easily digested. Easy digestion reduces nausea. Avoid taking high intake of salts. Salt leaves a thirsty feeling, which may lead to swelling and a feeling to vomit. In addition, research found that most women with nausea reported a reduction of food intake. So, reducing food intake and increasing the intake of fluids could also trigger vomiting.

5. Choose foods rich in Iron

Taking the right amount of iron generates enough blood both for the mother and the baby. During birth, expecting moms are likely to lose a lot of blood. Besides, Iron supplies the body with enough oxygen.

If you want to strengthen your baby’s immune system against anaemia, then take foods rich in iron. In reality, both white and red meat can give you the required amount of iron. Take red meat, fish, and kales. Taking too much iron can also be hazardous.

6. Adhere To Your Eating Calendar

It is equally important to label your food according to their distinctive categories. For instance, take few baskets of different colours, red, blue, and purple. The purple basket can be used for fruits, blue for proteins and red for vitamins. That way, you can have a quick interpretation of the eating calendar.

If you switch instantly to other meals, then the new food could trigger hormones. This explains why you should stick to your calendar.

7. Folic Acid For Expectant Moms

Folic acid is known to decrease heart diseases. Taking folic acid since the beginning of pregnancy decreases infections of neural tube defects by a big margin. Besides, folic acid builds essential blood components like the red blood cells. Folic acid is also responsible for cell development.

As an expectant mom, you need to keep your baby healthy and minimize chances of getting an infection.

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