4 Simple Ways to Recycle Your Old Printer Cartridges

It is estimated that nearly 400 million old ink and toner cartridges find their way into landfills around the globe annually. A large percentage of these wastes is entirely unnecessary. Whether you have one or a hundred printers, you will have empty ink and toner cartridges at last. Disposing of on-time use cartridges is pointless hence, the need for ideal recycling options. Due to its high chemical content that is harmful to the environment, recycling is essential. As such, below are different ways to recycle your old printer cartridge.

Contact a Recycling Facility

Many companies globally have opened up to recycle various wastes and make them new again. The same applies to old, damaged and empty printer cartridges. When you have several old and empty cartridges, try to locate a local company that specializes in remanufacturing ink and toner cartridges. Remanufactured ink cartridges are often affordable and offer the same quality ink as newer ones.

Contact your cartridge manufacturer directly as many include toner recycling programs. The company may take back the cartridge and either reuse or recycle into another product. In turn, you can a discount on your next purchase. If you have no idea what to do with your old printer cartridges, reach out to any recycling facility near you.

Return to Supplier

Many suppliers will gladly take back or guide how to recycle unused or old cartridges. Some will go an extra mile and provide rewards when you return empty cartridges. Retailers will often guide you towards reusing cartridges. Reusing or recycling of printer cartridges is often cheaper and protects the environment compared to purchase or manufacture of newer ones.

Suppliers have unlimited use of old or empty ink cartridges. When you return your toner cartridges to your supplier, the facility will decide what to do. As a recycling method, you will help in preventing the cartridges from ending up in the landfill and save some few coins.

Donate to Charitable Groups

You can make a few cash from empty printer cartridges by sending them to different charity groups that collect them for recycling. Such organizations work with a variety of institutions including churches, schools and governmental facilities. Some collect these printer cartridges to raise funds to help support funding other institutions.

When you donate old ink cartridges, you play a role in helping someone else or get a few dollars in your pocket. Besides, most receivers can refill and reuse these toner cartridges or assist in the disposal. Some will collect and return to the manufacturers for you. Donating old printer cartridges is another effective method of recycling option. 

Consider Refilling and Reusing

Companies that manufacture quality ink cartridges provide an added advantage to refill and reuse it more times before disposal. When you get the right ink refill kit, you can inject the ink manually to an appropriate level and return it into the printer. Refills kits are available and always consists of a syringe, gloves, ink and instructions. Brands such as Yoyoink offer great options of printer ink cartridges that can be easily refilled and reused.

Ensure the refill kit matches the cartridge model you are using to prevent damages to your printer. Always follow instructions and ensure the cartridge type is not compromised. Refilling and reusing your cartridge is an excellent choice for recycling old ink printers. However, the quality of the prints will begin to reduce hence the need for a newer printer cartridge.

There are different eco-friendly methods of recycling your ink printer cartridges available today. Let the habit be a routine while helping others adopt a similar pattern. You will save the high costs of purchasing new cartridges and preventing accumulation in landfills. Find out more on how to recycle old printer cartridges.

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