Parents Nationwide Are Calling for Armed Security Guards at Schools

With increased concern for the safety of students attending schools in the United States, many parents across the nation are demanding action. There are many reasons for this, but one of the biggest that has sparked much controversy is the reoccurring tragedies of shootings taking place on school campuses. This has resulted in a number of tragic deaths of innocent children who had simply been attending school.

Some concerned citizens are advocating for stricter gun laws, while others are advocating for armed staff and faculty on school campuses to be ready for any threat. Regardless of where anyone stands, we can all agree on one thing – these school shootings need to be stopped.

This is why Fast Guard Service LLC has received an increased demand for security, most notably on school campuses. Parents everywhere in the nation are calling for armed security guards. They want these figures to be present at the schools their students attend to take one further measure to ensure their safety.

United States citizens are advocating for a number of different approaches to solve this problem that plagues our society, but luckily, we are all united under one belief: This is a problem, and it needs to be stopped. Keeping children safe is one thing that no one can disagree with.

For many, armed security guards on school campuses are a great start to stop this problem in its tracks. The threat of encountering an armed security guard, in many people’s eyes, will be enough to deter any problems before they arise. And for those that still go so far as to appear on campus and threaten a school, having an armed security guard on hand will go a long way to get the problem under control before it escalates, or even begins.

Why an Armed Security Guard?

The most obvious security threat that plagues our schools today, and the reason for increased demand at places like Fast Guard Service LLC, is these school shootings that have happened far too often. Shootings like those that took innocent lives at Columbine High School in 1999, Sandy Hook in 2012, and most recently, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018 – and so many more devastating shootings in between – are one of the biggest motivations behind worried parents calling for armed security guards to protect their children while away at school.

However, this is not the only reason that armed security guards would be useful in a school setting. While these atrocious school shootings have in many ways been the catalyst for so many people looking at them as a possibility, considering security guards has led people to conclude all of the other benefits it would present in an educational setting.

Other benefits include reduced incidents of fights and bullying, increased vigilance and observation of students, parents having resources to stay more informed, and resources for students to turn to when they are distressed. All these things help to foster a safer and more positive learning environment to those at any educational facility.

According to, 28% of students in 6-12th grade experience bullying at some point during their education. Armed security guards give these students a safe outlet to turn to and express their concerns and distress. This could help to drastically reduce the rate of bullying that happens in schools, resulting in students with higher levels of self-confidence, lower stress levels, and more success.

Armed security guards also serve to conduct checks on strangers before they are permitted entrance onto a school premises. By doing so, they can ensure strangers do not possess deadly weapons or have dangerous intentions before they are permitted entrance to the main school area.

The Verdict

When taking into account all of the benefits that come with having an armed security guard at school campuses, it is no wonder why so many parents advocate for such a solution. Moise Louissaint of Fast Guard Service, has stated for us that his security firm has seen a 500 percent increase in phone calls and work orders since the shooting.

School security and gun control will be a hot topic for the coming years. As parents begin to feel less safe the call to action for schools to increase security will increase. Only time will tell if the demands of the parents will be heard.

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