Most Popular Software Development Methodologies

Success in software development depends on three main factors: clear project documentation, a highly qualified development team, and solid project management.

In this article, we will introduce you to some modern, popular project development methods so that you can choose the method that is useful for your project.

What Are The Most Popular Software Development Methodologies?

Agile Development Methods

The focus in the flexible methodology is on the product itself, which is suitable for software development types that allow multiple iterations. Part-time development helps the client understand whether the entire project is moving in the right direction, controlling each iteration of the project.

Rapid software development models have a design rather than detailed .Net development instructions. The team is ready to keep up with the ever-changing conditions, respond to customer and user feedback and adjust the functionality accordingly.

The most popular dexterous methods are Scrum and Kanban.


The Scrum method divides the workflow into sprint levels. Sprints are tasks that can last a week or a month, depending on the complexity of the project. After the sprint, the team sums up the results and starts a new sprint.


The purpose of Kanban project management is the efficient division of labor between the various specialists of the group. The process is divided into phases of specific tasks, eg. B. “Scheduled”, “Developed”, “Tested”, “Completed”, etc. A significant part of Kanban’s methodology is visualization, known as the Kanban board. This helps keep track of current paths and anticipate problems in the development process.

Methods for developing waterfall software

With the types of software development “waterfall”, the development process “runs” step by step. The project is divided into successive phases. First the team analyzes the project and then creates the design after development completes testing, integration and project support. Each step should be completed before the next step.

The waterfall model is one of the classic project .Net 5.0 development methods. The whole process is linear and rigid. Although ultimately each phase has a clear goal, this development model makes it very thorough.

DevOps methodology

The DevOps method is best when you want to develop software quickly. DevOps software development models are more likely to be practices that automate the collaboration between software developers and other IT teams. This method aims to improve collaboration between project teams. Developers and managers often have different levels of understanding of the DevOps project development process and the methodology used to ensure that everyone involved is on the same page.

Rapid application development (RAD)

Rapid Application Development or RAD is suitable for projects that have clear business goals and must be implemented in a short time. This model is an optimized linear sequential model using the waterfall method. Rapid development is achieved by assigning teams to different components of the project.

Lean Development

In lean development methods, developers identify project elements as primary and secondary. The Lean method aims to do what is important for the project at the moment and waste time on tasks that do not add value. The main focus is on determining the cost of the service offered to the customer.

The main principles of Lean are:

  • Don’t waste time on tasks that don’t add value.
  • Focus on quality and do ongoing testing.
  • Always get feedback and make sure you know what the customer wants.
  • Optimize your work as much as possible.

How to choose the best methodology

There are many software development methods to choose from. We cannot name good or bad types of software development methods, because each of them offers its own values.

However, here are the questions you can ask yourself when choosing one of several software development methods:

  • Does this method fit the size of our team and their capabilities?
  • Is this method compatible with our technology stack?
  • Will this method help achieve the client’s goals?
  • Does this method contribute to software development of this size and complexity?

The best software development companies do not follow the same development method and choose based on their needs.

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