Why Virtual office Is Essential for Global Business

The virtual – office is a type of office that allows employees and business owners to work remotely.  The virtual office mainly provides a range of service and function that are available via the internet. A virtual office allows a business owner to create maintain their presence in the desired location without paying any rental for real space. However, there are lots of virtual offices available in highly developed country like Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai etc. The price of the virtual office depends on its size, location and facilities.

Things That Virtual Office Provides

A virtual office provides lots of service such as- provide a business address, receptionist, meeting room, mail and phone answering service etc.

  • Business address- In most countries, registering a business requires an office address. A virtual office can fulfil this requirement by enabling its address to as your office address.
  • Receptionist- Virtual offices does not actual looks like virtual to customers and business associates. Many virtual offices provide receptionist; the receptionist can help in organizing meetings if the virtual office contains meeting room facilities.
  • Phone Answering service- virtual office also provides phone answering and voice mail service. This service will allow you to manage all your incoming calls in a landline which looks more professional than answering a phone call on a personal handset.

Besides the service mentioned above, the virtual office also provides many other service and facilities. The demand for virtual office has increased over the years. Most of the business entrepreneurs who live outside Malaysia and operate their business in Malaysia prefer virtual office rather than the actual office.

Benefits of Having a Virtual Office 

The virtual office helps to keep the office cost minimum because there is no need to buy any furniture or to build an infrastructure. It enables professional to work from home and still manage their client. Many entrepreneurs and independent professionals make mistakes that depend on a mobile phone number for their contact. Even today, most visitors will not leave the voice mail message, and the number is not busy, and it is not called yesterday. Virtual offices may include landline numbers that a real person is responsible, a machine that can take a message or call it necessarily.

Why Virtual office?

Renting a virtual office is cheaper than having a physical office. The cost of running a physical office is way higher than running a virtual office. A virtual office does not have any utility bills, and you do not need to buy any office furniture’s, a virtual office is a ready office which comes with everything.

Who can be benefited from Virtual office?

  • People who don’t want to use their home address or phone number on their business documents.
  • Company who wants to serve their service in different geographic location of the world.
  • Startup company who does not have enough investment to card the cost of physical office.
  • Person who wants to operate its business without his or her physical presence.


There are lots of virtual offices available in Malaysia. Virtual office business becomes a popular business idea among Malaysian citizen. In Malaysia almost everywhere, you may find a virtual office. Therefore, finding a virtual office in your preferred business area is not difficult.

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