Uninstall CryptoWall 3.0 Malware, Unlckr Ransomware, CryptoGod Ransomware Virus

CryptoWall 3.0 is categorized as a ransomware that encrypts the files on infected system in result affected files will be inaccessible. In reality it is a big fraud with innocent users that demands ransom from the victim by stating to restore access to the affected files. Whatever, there is no chance that after paid you can access the files. However, CryptoWall 3.0 usually comes onto targeted PC through in various ways such as download and installing freewares, shareware, following malicious links, visiting perilous websites, opening spam email attachments and etc. that’s why users should not do these activities and always be careful on web during surfing.

CryptoWall 3.0 is very dangerous and horrible that is able to attack all the Windows computer and corrupt their all the programs and files like video, photos and other crucial data. Once this ransomware successfully installed, you will get that all the files are locked and deletes all backup copies of the affected files for only to trick money from users by scaring them. However, users should go through it and immediately go for it’s solution. In such case experts are highly recommended that you should remove CryptoWall 3.0 as quickly as possible from computer.

How to get rid of Unlckr Ransomware from computer

Unlckr Ransomware is a recently found file-encrypting ransomware. It uses RSA-2048 cryptography to encrypt your various files. Moreover, it adds .cr020801 as the file extension to the end of every file. This malicious Ransomware has the ability to encrypt all stored files like image, audio files, videos, PDFs, text, archive, database and other popular files. It encrypts all the files and whenever you want to open these files, it displays a ransom demanding message. It asks to send one of the encrypted files to Unlckr@protonmail. Cyber security experts noted that the cost of the decryption key is still unknown. According to the cyber criminals, the cost of the decryption key varies according to the amount of file encrypted. There is no guarantee that you will be able to decrypt all files after payment, so you should not follow cyber criminal guidelines.

Generally, Unlckr Ransomware get infiltrates in your system through free software download from the suspicious website, exploit kits, visiting suspicious websites, junk email attachments, p2p sharing network, freeware, and shareware without your knowledge. Once Unlckr Ransomware get infiltrates, it first scans your secondary storage and targets all your important files to encrypt them. Moreover, It modifies the registry entry of your system and opens a backdoor for other malware, spyware, trojan, adware and other malicious threats which will completely destroy your system.

The worst things about Unlckr Ransomware is that it spy on your online activities and collect all your browsing history, download history, visited a webpage. It also steals some of your financial and confidential information like online banking details, credit card details, IP address, phone number, home address, email contacts, passwords and much more sensitive information. So it is better to remove Unlckr Ransomware as soon as possible to keep your system safe and clean against future infection. Otherwise, you may suffer from a great financial loss.

Guide To Delete CryptoGod Ransomware Virus (PayForUnlock)

The CryptoGod Ransomware Virus (PayForUnlock) is a new ransomware which encrypts the files on a system. This virus asks for money to decrypt the files. This ransomware belongs to the MoWare H.F.D. group of ransomwares. It is developed by the Hiddentear group which has developed numerous viruses of this kind. This ransomware asks for a price of 0.03 bitcoins to decrypt the files. CryptoGod Ransomware Virus (PayForUnlock) gives a period of 3 days to pay the price. After 3 days the ransom money increases to 0.05 bitcoins. It appends the encrypted files with .payforunlock extension. This makes the file impossible to access.

The distribution of CryptoGod Ransomware Virus (PayForUnlock) is done via spam emails. A file is attached in the emails and send to thousands of computers. Except this method bundling method is also very popular among the crooks to distribute the ransomware. In bundling method, this virus bundles itself with some other program on the internet, and gets silently installed on the system. Malicious websites compromised specially for this purpose also plays an important role in the spread of virus. The CryptoGod Ransomware Virus (PayForUnlock) has capacity to encrypt all known types of files available in the market. There is no file type that the ransomware is unable to encrypt. Be it an image file, audio, video, pdf or document, it can encrypt every single file type.

CryptoGod Ransomware Virus (PayForUnlock) is designed by its developers in a manner that it can infiltrate the network. It can use network resources and spread itself to all connected devices in a network. As it is a new threat, antivirus programs are not capable of detecting it. This vicious virus can get installed silently and without being detected by the antivirus. However, efforts are being done to find a cure for this problem. Experts have started to work on this problem worldwide and soon they are expected to solve this grave threat. Meanwhile for those who are still not affected by this virus should make a backup of their crucial and important data. For those who are affected by this ransomware can use our help to remove CryptoGod Ransomware Virus (PayForUnlock) given below.

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