Why Investing In Website Design Shouldn’t Even Be A Question

Your website is the core of your online marketing strategy. It’s the main ingredient of a search engine optimization campaign and content marketing strategy, it’s linked to your advertising and your social media marketing. For some, that should be enough reason to truly invest in great web design, but there are still a lot of small business owners who aren’t willing to go that step further.

Here, we’re going to look at five more benefits of investing in good web design.

Represent your brand as it should be

Making the website visually attractive and recognizable should be a number one concern of yours. It is, for most people, the first impression that you’re going to make online. Nearly 2/5ths of web users in a survey admit to clicking away from a website if they find it visually unattractive. Generic themes and widely used stock images alone aren’t going to cut it.

There’s no user experience

It’s easier to use online website building tools to set up your own web presence. However, even if you have a good eye for aesthetics, you might not have the same talent for user interface and user experience design. Professional web design Hendersonville bring an expertise in understanding the customer journey through a website. As such, they can ensure they’re designed in such a way that more customers end up being directed to the points of conversion that really matter.

You’re not connecting with your audience

Even if your website is attracting clicks, is it attracting customers? If you’re not certain how to use the website to target your specific market, especially if it’s locally based, you should look for web design near me. Web designers that share a community with you, or who understand and cater to your industry, can help you better understand how differences in web design, especially search optimization-ready sites, can help you better target your visitors.

Your old site is an eyesore for mobile users

While many still use desktops and laptops to browse the net, our web usage habits are increasingly becoming mobile. If your site isn’t made responsive, you could be missing out on clicks and conversions from the growing number of smartphone and tablet users in your market.

Your brand has outgrown your website

If it’s been a long time since you updated the website, it could be holding you back. Not just your online presence, but your business’s entire brand identity. Brands change over time, as you sharpen your image and get a better idea of what customers really want from you. As such, if your website isn’t consistent with changes in branding, it creates an effect of illegitimacy that can make it harder to trust the site.

Simply put, unless you give your website the treatment it deserves, it’s not going to help you achieve your online objectives as much as you would like. It’s time to decide what your priorities are. Either ensure your website has the kind of design you can use or rethink whether it should be a major part of your strategy at all.

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