6 Benefits of Becoming a Philanthropist

Becoming a philanthropist is a great way to make a difference in the lives of others. There are many different ways to get involved, including donating money or goods, volunteering your time, or working with charitable organizations.

Whether you want to give back on an individual level or involve your whole company, there are several benefits that come along with being a philanthropist.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of giving back to your community.

Giving Back

Some people think that they can’t make a difference in the world, but really every little bit helps. If 5 million people each donate $5 dollars, for example, that’s $25 million dollars! That could go towards providing food for an entire city, giving people clean drinking water, or helping to build schools. The possibilities are endless!

It’s an Opportunity to Give Back and Feel Good About Yourself

Feeling good about yourself is another benefit of becoming a philanthropist. There are many ways to give back, including donating money or goods, volunteering your time with organizations you care about or working with charitable organizations to raise awareness and funds.

When you give back, you’ll feel good knowing that the money, goods, or time that you’ve donated has helped someone who may be struggling or in need of resources. Hopefully, this will help motivate you to stay involved and continue making a difference.

There Are Tax Benefits for Donating Money, Goods, or Time

If you’re unable to donate money directly, consider donating goods. Donating goods can help get supplies into the hands of others who are in need. You may have an old car that is no longer being used that could get re-purposed for someone else, for example. It’s important to remember there are tax benefits to donating money.

Additionally, there are tax benefits for donating goods and time as well. So remember that you’ll also save a little money by shopping at thrift stores or buying less expensive brands of paper towels and toothpaste!

It Will Bring You Closer with Friends and Family Who May Share Similar Passions

“When you become involved in philanthropy, you’ll also likely grow closer with friends and family who share similar passions”, says Benjy Grinberg. Whether you enjoy shopping for clothes or inviting people over to your house to donate items that can be sold at a thrift store, you’re bound to find something that interests you.

Your Work is More Likely to Be Recognized by Your Employer or Colleagues

Some companies pride themselves on being philanthropic. If you work for a company that cares about charitable giving, then they will likely be more willing to help with fundraisers or other forms of philanthropy that the company provides. This is another great reason to consider becoming involved with your community and helping others who may need it.


We hope that you found this article informative and educational. We’ve covered some of the many benefits of becoming a philanthropist. Some of those included feeling good about yourself, saving money on taxes, helping out your community, and getting closer with friends and family.

It takes time and effort to become a philanthropist but it’s truly worth it. Making a difference in the lives of others is also very rewarding.

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