How To Migrate Office 365 to Office 365?

Migration projects occur because of amalgamations, take overs and divestments. If you want to start a migration or are in the procedure of it, an Office 365 to Office 365 migration may get you at a loss for where to start. Fortunately, this migration isn’t as complex as it appears.

The migrate Office 365 to Office 365 is separate from migrating to O365 from another platform in several ways, hence you need to know the procedure before starting a migration project. Below here is migrate office 365 guide to know all about O365 to O365 migration.

Why migrate from one Office 365 tenant to another?

Office 365 has advanced and a lot of businesses are using it. In the time of merger, acquisitions and divestment of business, you witness a lot of O365 to O365 migration. Migrating O365 to another is a full migration project just like migrating domains. The more you need to migrate the bigger and more complicated the project gets.

How to prep for Office 365 tenant to tenant migration?

Before the migration procedure, you need to follow a preparatory procedure. It will help in completing the migration smoothly.

1st step: Domain preparation

  • You have proper space in the target tenant’s office 365 for successful migration of data from the source tenant.
  • Both the target tenant and source tenant should have an administrator account.
  • It is important to create resource mailboxes, user mailboxes in the target tenant.
  • The last step of domain prep stage is to train the end user about using Office 365 after migration.

2nd step: Domain verification

  • Start the verification procedure of target tenant domain in Office 365.
  • Inclusion of source domain of target Office 365 admin center and TXT records creation in DNS has to be done.

3rd step: Migration scheduling

  • Generate list of user mailboxes for migration and CSV file for mapping.
  • Mention the lowest value of Time to Live on Mail Exchanger
  • Disable to directory synchronization for the source tenant.

4th step: Start the migration

  • Modify the MX record to an inappropriate value to stop inbound mail flow to the source tenant.
  • Make sure you delete all objects from primary mail domain in the source tenant before transferring mailbox of Office 365 to another account.
  • Prepare the target domain after verification of the source tenant in the target domain.
  • Activate new users in the target domain
  • The major mail ID of new users should be source domain.

After the migration is done and all users are working in the same Office 365 tenant, you can maintain the data in the source tenant for as long as you want. Remember you haven’t moved the data to new tenant, but copied it. After you remove the licenses, the data will get deleted in 30 days.

Want some help or advice?

If you need any help in tenant to tenant migration or need some thought and planning about it, then Duo Ciricle is your one-stop solution to get help.

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