Pool Landscaping Tips

Chances are you’re looking to give your backyard pool a new look and improve its appeal, perhaps with something futuristic, cozy or modern. It is up to you. But if you’re thinking that it is complicated, you might want to reconsider.

In the following, seasoned landscape companies talk about simple and realistic pool landscaping ideas. After all, sprucing up your backyard pool’s appearance does not need to be hard. Find out more in the following.


First of all, consider plants, which enhance interest and liveliness with color, height, flow and movement.

When considering the plants to include, you must think about adding new plants that are resilient around pools, ideal for the growing zone and most importantly – not shedding.

But instead of putting planting beds next to your pool, use movable and potted plants and flowers, which can enhance texture and color.

In addition, you can use accent plants to liven up the pool’s surroundings or those with vibrant colors and lush textures for a peaceful and calming feel.

However, consider plants that don’t shed leaves because they don’t require frequent cleaning and maintenance. A few ideas include red justicia, aloe vera, palm trees, live oaks and octopus agave.

On the other hand, you might also want ornamental grass borders that can balance things out like a river rock garden. These grass borders are eye-catching and neutral to fit virtually almost any space.

A few reminders –

Avoid those, including planting beds and lawns that drop debris in the pool. Choose drought-tolerant and sun-loving plants. You might also opt for native plants and ornamental grasses as well as evergreen trees and shrubs.

Also, you can choose hardy ground covers and ivies as well as tropical and succulent plants. In addition, you might want to opt for planters and pots that have lovely flowers.

You might also want to avoid plants with many flowers and that bear fruits.  More so, you must avoid plants that have deep root systems and big plants that can excessively shade the pool.

You must also avoid plants that can attract bees and wasps or other stinging insects. Also, avoid those with sharp foliage and thorns that can cut people and pets.

Run-off water

Part of pool landscaping, you should consider designing your yard to avoid run-off water from going into your pool but around it.

For this matter and pool coping, you might want to ask a landscape architect or a builder that will help you save headaches and make landscaping a breeze.

For example, you might want to add an automatic irrigation system or hose bib in the landscaping plan, as a suggestion.

Also, considering and performing regular maintenance can help in reducing debris in the pool. For help, you might also want to use a pool cover to minimize debris and improve safety.

Dealing with run-off water, you might also want a river of rocks that can offer a good water drainage solution.  River of rocks can enhance your yard and protect the natural waterways.

In addition, you can landscape the ditches as swales that can look like small meadows and creek beds.

Water coming from the gutter can flow into the garden, serving as habitat for birds and butterflies.

You can also construct walkways, patios and driveways of paving that never puddle because the water can seep through.


Backyard and pool lighting is another landscaping idea you should not miss when trying to spruce up the appearance of your backyard pool because it can make the surroundings come alive come nighttime.

It can also make the pool area more functional because it lets you use it at nighttime.  Finally, good pool lighting will improve the aesthetics of the area, making it more visually appealing.

For example, if you want to add a dramatic effect, you can up-light the bold plants and trees.  Another idea is to set up lights in places that might be posing trip hazards. On the other hand, you can also light up water features, such as in a waterfall.

You can also add lighting to the paths and pool for added safety and comfort. With a well-designed lighting, you can add personality and sparkle to your yard, too.

There you have some pool landscaping ideas that you might want to use if you would like to improve your backyard pool’s appeal. For the best results, you might also want to get help from one of the seasoned local landscape companies.

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