Adrian Graphics & Marketing: Top SEO Company in California

Adrian Graphics & Marketing is a top Sacramento SEO company. We are dedicated to helping local businesses expand their reach and grow with tailored, professional SEO practices. We specialize in the following services: link building, technical SEO, keyword research, content optimization, rich snippets (schema markup), social media marketing and more! In this article we will be discussing how you can improve your website’s search engine rankings by implementing these strategies. Let’s get started!

Keyword Research

How do I know which keywords to use when optimizing my content? Keyword research is crucial at a time like this. Analyzing popular keyword phrases through the use of professional software will help determine what words and phrases are searched for most often on search engines, thus bringing prospective customers right to your website. Adrian Graphics is a Sacramento SEO expert, and can help you find the perfect search terms to increase your ranking.

Content Optimization

Content optimization simply means making your website’s content stand out from the rest. SEO experts know that web crawlers, which search engine algorithms use to catalog and rank websites by relevance, can determine how important a page is based on what it contains. So including keywords in headers or headings, using bullets and subheadings effectively, putting SEO-friendly information in metadata and creating valuable content all help bring searchers to your site.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of structuring your site to be search engine-friendly. It includes making sure that all page URLs are unique, that appropriate metadata has been included for each page and updating any broken links on a website in order to avoid penalties from Google which can result in lower rankings or even being removed from their index altogether. Functional sites make searchers and search engines happy.

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are additional information that can be added to a web page’s results in Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs) or Bing. Rich snippets include ratings, reviews, and images within the SERP itself which gives searchers more of an idea about what they will find before clicking through. This specialty, along with Schema Markup, helps you show searchers exactly what they want to see.

Schema Markup

Schema Markup helps to provide rich snippets and other helpful information for webpages. It is a type of HTML tag that includes data statements about the page’s content, such as contact details or reviews. Page-specific Schema markup can be added with either free Google tools or WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO which makes it easy to optimize your Schema markup, and we’re WordPress professionals at Adrian Graphics.

Link Building & Backlinking

Google has also been cracking down on websites with spammy backlinks. It’s important to have a mix of links from high-quality sites, such as blogs that rank for your target keywords and industry publications in order to establish credibility. We can help you get your backlinking strategy in order and establish trust with Google to rank higher in the SERP.

Social Media Marketing

We know that the majority of consumers now turn to social media for product information, so we offer a variety of ways to grow your brand through social networks. In addition to Facebook marketing and Google adwords campaigns, we recommend using platforms like Instagram or Pinterest as they’re more visual than text-heavy sites like Twitter. Let the SMM experts at Adrian Graphics take care of your social posts and optimize them for results.

Local SEO

It’s well-known that Google prefers local businesses in their search engine results, so we offer a variety of services for small and mid-sized companies. Along with company profiles on popular sites like Yelp or Yellow Pages, our team can do everything from optimizing your website to getting you reviews on various platforms. The SEO Sacramento experts at Adrian Graphics understand how important local SEO is, and we can help you optimize content for your region.

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