Top 5 Reasons to Study Dentistry in Europe

Being a dentist is a challenging but rewarding profession. As a pre-dental student, you look forward to a stable career, healthy income, balanced lifestyle, and self-employment possibility.

However, let’s live in the present and face the difficulties regarding your studies. If you are reading this article, you probably ask yourself the question, “Where to study dentistry?”.

Some of you wish to study dentistry abroad in Europe because it is an exciting and inspiring experience. You will get the chance to explore a new culture, learn a new language, and last but not least, have a once in a lifetime experience to be an international student.

Hundreds of pre-dental students choose to get their DMD degree in medical universities in Europe.

You are wondering why. So, here are the top 5 reasons behind their choice. Read the article and be prepared to make an informed decision considering your future.

1. Courses in English

Universities in Europe offer English-language programs for international students. Therefore, the lectures are held by professors and doctors in excellent English. So, you shouldn’t have worries about communication issues and language barriers between you and your mentors or even fellow students.

2. Worldwide recognised degree

If you study dentistry in Europe, your diploma will de globally recognised. All European medical universities are included in the WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools), which belongs to the World Health Organisation.

Not only that, but after 5 or 6 years of study, you will get not Bachelor, but a Master’s degree in dentistry.

Your DMD degree will be recognised by Medical Councils worldwide.

Therefore, you can practice dentistry wherever you wish. If you are not a European Union citizen and want to practice dentistry in your country of choice, all you need to do is register with its medical board. The licensing is a simple process that aims to examine your knowledge and capabilities.

3. Higher admission rate

In the UK, you can apply for a maximum of 4 universities. If you aren’t accepted in one of these four, you would have to wait for a whole year before trying again.

In Europe, you can apply to an unlimited number of medical schools that offer dentistry courses.

It’s simple mathematics! When there are dozens of dental universities to pick from and the complete freedom to apply to all of them if you want, this means less competition for admission and 100% guaranteed acceptance.

Another reason for the higher admission rate is the flexible entry requirements. Some universities have an entrance exam that tends to be multiple choice questions in Biology and Chemistry.

However, there are also universities without entrance exam:

  • Dnipro Medical Institute in Ukraine
  • Craiova Medical University in Romania
  • Iuliu Hatieganu University in Romania
  • Grigore T. Popa University in Romania
  • Near East University in Cyprus
  • European University in Cyprus

4. Low tuition fees

It is significantly cheaper to study dentistry in Europe than in the UK or the USA, for example. Depending on the European country, tuition fees are between €2850 – €19000 per year. It is essential to mention that the reason behind these reasonable fees is not low-quality education but the economic state of the countries.

Some of the popular choices for studying dentistry in English in Europe are:

  • Ukraine
  • Bulgaria
  • Romania
  • Slovakia

The most expensive dental universities are in Cyprus, Hungary, and Lithuania, which are €11600+.

5. Graduate entry

Many students have already studied Sciences or Dental Therapy & Hygiene. This means that they have the pre-clinical knowledge and the opportunity to skip the pre-clinical years.

Those of you who recognised themselves in the description above need to know that you have the chance to study dentistry in 4 years in Europe, or sometimes even 3 years!

In conclusion, you will have the freedom to choose from various reputable dental universities with high-quality dental education.

If you are adventurous, ambitious and motivated to pursue your medical degree, then you have nothing stopping you.

The white dental scrub suit is waiting for you!

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