Top 11 HR Analytics Tools: An Overview


Every Human Resource Department of a Company uses various analytics tools which help them in performing HR tasks like recruiting, training, talent management, and many other tasks. HR analytics tools help in developing a data-driven Human Resource model for an organization.

 One of the important tasks involved in the Human Resource Department is to collect data across the organization. Proper selection of methods and techniques is also important as this selection impacts the performance of the organization. HR Analytics tools help in providing the value which the HR department uses to find out employee-related data.

Do you need HR Analytics Software?

With the help of HR Analytics Software, HR Department professionals can gain data-backed insights into actions. These actions are then used for productivity working purposes which ultimately results in organizational growth.

Some of the popular HR Analytics tools are as follows:

  1. Python

A python is a tool that Data Scientist mostly uses for data analysis. It is easy to learn and operate. It is also used as an HR analytics software as this software helps in carrying out the statistical analytics of Human Resource Data. Some of the open-source Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) are PyCharm and Spyder. PyCharm and Spyder provide all the tools that are required for data analysis purposes.

  1. Excel

Excel is one of the most important and most used software. People mostly use it for general purposes like bookkeeping. Excel is also used as an HR Analytics Tool. To operate the advanced analytics in Excel, we need to load the ‘Analysis ToolPak’. One needs proper knowledge of Excel function to carry out the advanced Analysis tools. This tool helps in the manipulation of data very conveniently. The summary statistics help the HR Department summarize and understand the information better, and they can allocate the hindrance and solve it. This helps in improving the performance of the company.

R is a coding language that is similar to Python language. R is a more convenient language that you could use for analyzing and visualizing a huge amount of data. It is one of the most preferred HR analytics software as it helps in summarizing a huge amount of data. Using R Software becomes easier and convenient even if there are millions of rows. For using R software, RStudio is the perfect platform.

  1. Tableau 

Tableau is the most used business intelligence tool used for data summarizing from various sources. It represents the data into charts and graphs, which is convenient and easy to understand. Even a layperson can understand the data. It also comes with cloud support which helps in preventing data from erasing.

  1. Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is one of the tools that allows the user to connect with multiple data sources like Excel sheets or SQL databases, or Machine Learning APIs. Power BI helps in integrating the summarized data from various sources. There are three licensed operating Power BI, Power BI Free, Power BI Pro, and Power BI Premium methods.

  1. Visier

Visier is another workforce analytics software that helps in providing actionable insights into the workforce. It can also connect the user with multiple HR systems and integrate the data and provide summarized data. The users of Visier uses algorithms that help them predict exits, internal movement, promotions, etc. It also helps display different trends in the user workforce data when it makes it easier for understanding.

  1. Qlik

Qlik is a People Analytics Software that has an extensive dashboard capacity. It helps in data summarizing from various multiple sources, and it is transformed into simple data.

  1. CPLEX Optimizer

CPLEX Optimizer is a tool that helps in perspective analytics. This helps in taking corrective action in a given situation. CPLEX Optimizer uses the optimization technology that helps in operation researching.

  1. SPSS

SPSS is one of the most preferred HR Analytics tools because of its user-friendly interface. This is mostly used for data summarizing in social domains, which the commoner can easily understand.

10. Oracle HR Analytics

HR Department uses Oracle HR Analytics to collect data from various sources, analyze the data, and provide relevant insights.

  1. FineReport

It is a tool that helps the user to create a data decision system by enabling the user to design various reports in different styles.

HR Analytics Courses

HR Course is available for Human Resource Professional which helps them in organizing and managing the data. The course helps you understand various skills like Analytics Methodology, Basic Data Manipulation, Data Visualization in Excel, Summarizing Information with Excel, and many more. The course includes Excel, Python, and Tableau. Learn from the experts and experienced professionals for better understanding. Jigsaw Academy provides HR analytics course that can provide you with hr training.


HR Analytics tools help in developing a data-driven HR model for an organization. One of the important tasks involved in the Human Resource Department is to collect data across the organization. HR Analytics tools help provide the HR Department’s value to find out employee-related data, which helps improve overall business performance. It includes various tools to which are required for operating HR Analytics Software. You could easily operate this software after taking up Human resource Courses from Jigsaw Academy.


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