How to become a good volunteer?

Joining a volunteer program, in whatever form, can be a great opportunity to change many aspects of your life that may be bringing you more disadvantages than benefits and begin to contribute something really valuable to the world in which we live. There are too many advantages that you can get from volunteering, because, paradoxically, even if you are the one who is going to help, you end up receiving much more than you give. However, before starting the program you may have the concern of how to become a good volunteer?

The first thing you should know is that there is no such thing as a manual to be the volunteer of the year. Each experience of each volunteer or each program is different, because each of the volunteers that make up the groups are very different from each other. Therefore, the experiences and lessons learned from each one will depend a lot on you in an voluntariado internacional

However, if there are a series of general tips that we can give you so that you can make the most of the program and you can return from your volunteer with a smile that is unable to erase your face, and a new way of seeing life, much more cheerful and optimistic.

Tips for a good volunteer

  • Open your mind. In the most literal way you can understand it. Open your eyes, open your mind and finally, open your heart. You will see realities that may be very far from the ones you live on a daily basis. Keep in mind that you will be visiting another culture, completely different from yours and that it will be you who will have to adapt to the change.
  • Work on your constancy, your critical spirit and your creativity. You will live situations that may be completely new to you. You must work in the way you see reality, to do it in the most objective way possible and understand in detail what is required of your collaboration at all times. You must be creative to find the best way to solve the problems and constant, to have enough strength to not give up until the end. Each of the obstacles is worth it, because they are part of the whole experience.
  • Connect with your essence of being human. Connect with your humanity. Let your heart be moved by the realities and the new experiences you will live. Remember that, as we said above, this experience and everything you will reap from it will depend entirely on you and the attitude you take in each situation. It is your opportunity to let the human being grow in you who cares about change, good will and others.

Why volunteer?

Why not? You will have the power to add something to the world, to leave your mark on the sand that represents the whole story we have walked. You are able to put a small contribution to make this world a much better place, for you, for the people around you, for those you do not know and for those who will come.

You will return as a person willing to fight anything, as long as it is for good will, and in a way that we can all achieve the peace that has been sought so much. It is an opportunity that you will surely not regret and that you will have time to take at any moment of your life. It is the change you have been looking for, that new door that will lead you to reach a new level of happiness. Because, we assure you, see that you have collaborated to make someone who needed it smile, for example, it is priceless as indicated by international volunteer cooperating volunteers.

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