How to find missing mail

The USPS management try to deliver their best to their users every time but as we know that USPS deals with tones of mails so there may be chance ofdelay. If in case of any delay USPS will help you to find your mail. To find a mail you have to submit a search request so in this way USPS will help you in search of your mail.

According to USPS every day they delivered more than 6.3 million people per day and process 43.4 million pieces of mails every day. From sending to final delivery difference process involves at different stages. One major process we will discuss about how to find missing mail.

So the whole process divided into different steps to make the work easier and efficient. The USPS provide the services of get register with USPS also Change the mailing address(How to change mailing address) and a lot more for more details about this process visit USPS website.

If someone fails to find their mail then what should he do to find their mail so here we will guide you how to find missing mail. In order to find missing mail follow the following steps

  • Step 1: Check the Status of mail 1st. To check status visit USPS website.
  • Step 2: Must inform the delivery provider with the details about the mail.
  • Step 3: Submit a search request to USPS.

Submit Search Request:

If your mail not arrived within 7days then you can submit search request. In order to find a mail must submit search request and how to submit search request (Cupertino post office), the step by step guide is below just follow the steps

  • Go on USPS website.
  • Provide Sending mailing address.
  • Provide Receiver mailing address.
  • Provide the tacking number and mailing date.
  • Picture that can help to recognize.
  • Provide the description such as size, color etc.

So after submit search request then you have to wait for reply from USPS. In next steps USPS send you a confirmation email in reply of your submit search request. USPS send you updates related to your mails so keep checking email. If the request mail found then delivered to the mail address. Note (sometimes the mail will not delivered because it may not found anywhere or not safe to deliver)

You may send claim to refund if you use priority mail and if you use insurance for your mail or package then you can claim it for. But you can claim you insurance within the 60days from the mailing date.

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