3 Steps to Take to Protect Yourself from Bug Bites This Summer

When the weather changes season, especially summer is the stage of proliferation of mosquitoes. Although they are small, the ability to “suck blood”, they carry a high risk of dangerous germs. Therefore, how to prevent mosquito bites in the summer, the answer will show in the post below.

  1. Why do mosquitoes love you more than others?

Some people said that they always “attracted” mosquitoes than other people when sitting on one place, so what is the reason for the problem. In fact, research has been published that mosquitoes tend to be attracted to those who emit more carbon dioxide (CO2) when breathing. Mosquitoes are often large body size and pregnant women. Furthermore, when the body has physical activity, it will release lots of lactic acid in the sweat which is a mosquito-repellent. In addition, researchers have conducted a small study showing that mosquitoes “prefer” beer drinkers rather than sober ones. Mosquitoes also have their own preferences when they tend to choose “blood donors” who are more blood type of O than other types of blood.

Moreover, if you have many strains of bacteria on your skin, it will keep mosquitoes away. And vice versa if the bacterial ecosystem on your skin is not diversified then you are the “bait” of the mosquitoes. Besides that some people emit attractive compounds, and others emit mosquitoes, which can lead to mosquito bites. Mosquitoes infect malaria by twice as many women as ordinary women. In particular, when the Zika outbreak broke out, the relationship between zika and small-bowel disease in the newborn was confirmed. This particular finding was of great importance and helpful.

  1. How to prevent mosquito bites in summer?

Mosquito brings a lot of problems for your health in the summer, so prevent mosquito bites is always the concerning of all of people. Therefore, the post will introduce some simple ways for prevent mosquito in summer.

  • Avoid mosquito bites by dry citrus peel

You probably will not believe that the citrus peel which we usually leave has a very effective anti-mosquito effect. Therefore, instead of throwing away, you should keep it and then dry it in the sun and dry it into a ball bag to use gradually. On days with a lot of mosquitoes or a few days, you burn a little citrus peel will help the whole family against mosquitoes because citrus scent oils will make the mosquitoes afraid and do not dare to close. Even better is the space in your room that will be filled with mild aroma. For homes with young children, citrus peels also help eliminate bacteria in the air and prevent diseases.

  • Use mosquito repellent oil

Melaleuca oil is commonly used as a natural and safe herb. In order to avoid mosquito bother, you only need to mix 2 – 3 drops of melaleuca oil into 10ml water then apply to the limbs or the skin is bitten by mosquitoes. Melaleuca essential oil will soothe mosquito bites before and at the same time help prevent mosquito bites.

  • Use garlic to chase mosquitoes

Maybe you do not know, mosquitoes are very scared of the food smell so you can use to prevent mosquito bites. Surely talking about the smell of garlic will be the top food, you can use diluted garlic (just smell) and then rub the skin to protect.

  • Tips for disposing of mosquitoes

With just a few branches in the water, you can help your room no mosquito. By the smell of the discharge will make the mosquitoes feel uncomfortable but we feel comfortable again. Fragrance also helps to deodorize in the kitchen. This method of chasing mosquitoes together with deodorant is very effective and safe.

  • Use lemon juice to treat mosquito bites

When you are bitten by mosquitoes, you can use the lime juice on the mosquito bite. The wound will not swell or blush. At the same time, vitamin A in lemon juice will make your skin heal effectively. Another way is to dilute lime juice into water and apply lightly on the skin or mosquito bites, mosquitoes will be away immediately. However, you need to pay attention at a time and then use clean water, because it will make your skin itch it.

Furthermore, besides using natural ways, you can use mosquito control services near me for helping you control and treat the problem. You can refer to pest control services Orlando and pest control Houston Texas to help you solve mosquito bites.

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