Top 5 WhatsApp Plus Alternatives

As we all know that the WhatsApp application is considered one of the best applications when it comes to instant messaging on SmartPhones. It is the application where you can download from Google PlayStore for further messaging on your device. It is such an application which offers the exciting features to experience, but users were expected to experience more features then move towards WhatsApp plus. It is said to be the mod version of WhatsApp where the user can be expected an exciting number of features. People who are all using this application seeking for some alternative apps to use on their device. Here we are going to list a top 5 Whatsapp plus alternatives.

  1. GB WhatsApp Apk

It is the application which is well known for WhatsApp plus alternative. Here the application will offer the similar kind of stuff like WhatsApp plus to the users. When it comes to GB WhatsApp, it will allow the user to utilize two WhatsApp accounts on the same Smartphone. This thing cannot be achieved in an original version of an application. It has the ability to use the official account along with this mod version application at anytime without any hassles.

  1. WhatsApp Plus Reborn Apk

It is the customized version with additional features from the original version of WhatsApp application. By using this application, you can make a group chat with 50 people and easy to send videos, photos to your close mates. One must know that the application mainly comes up with a built-in-designer in terms of making own theme with the templates. You can also experience additional privacy settings, new themes as well as visual effects are also added.

  1. WhatsApp Indigo APK

If you are the one who is struggling with the mod version of WhatsApp application, then this WhatsApp indigo Apk is the best choice for you to make use of it. This application has the latest colorful icons along with some exciting features as well. With this application, you can easily hide the name as well as date from appearing on the screen. Also, you can easily hide the call button for WhatsApp contacts as per the convenience.

  1. Yo WhatsApp Apk

It is said to be the best WhatsApp mod application for Android users to utilize in a better way. By installing this application on your device, you will start to forget the restrictions experiencing in the official WhatsApp. The application mainly comes up with an inbuilt app locker where the user can utilize it for an additional password when it comes to lock and unlock. However, the application has a number of features to experience on Android device.

  1. WhatsAppMD Apk

The application is said to be the good choice for the people in terms of utilizing the features. It will allow the user to send the images without making any lose in the quality up to 50MB. On the other side, you can pick a pattern or pin for conversation lock. Thus the application will also allow the users to send any type of file.

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