Five Signs you have What it Takes to Become an Entrepreneur

You’re bent over your desk, trying to pull an all-nighter. As the hours go by, you realize that it would be better if you simply bring your clothes and move into your office. There is nothing wrong with working from nine to five (or should we mention doing overtime?) when you’re headed in the right direction. But, is this daily grind making you happy? Or did you envision yourself as an entrepreneur when you were a child?

According to a survey by Operation Hope, there are around 43% of enthusiastic, ambitious, and passionate teens – even children – who plan on becoming an entrepreneur when they grow up. However, only 15% of adults manage to do so and keep their dreams intact while the remaining become slaves to capitalism and the old bend-and-desk routine.

Being an entrepreneur has a lot to do with your personality rather than the business jargon that is written on your LinkedIn (or dating) profile to lure your prospects.

The following are the five signs that you have to become an entrepreneur:

1. You’re your only understudy

To become an entrepreneur, you must develop your business skills even if it requires you to put in more effort during your studies, such as competitive courses provided by business courses in Sydney. Budding entrepreneurs tend to take personality development courses along with specialized certifications that allow them to get an edge over their competition.

Most famous entrepreneurs, including Steve Jobs, was known to exhibit remarkable effort to develop his ideas into reality. To become an entrepreneur, you have to become your worst possible critique but minus the negativity. So that you can channel your differences into your understudy and come out stronger and victorious.

Your ultimate aim is to attain clarity in your league of entrepreneurship. And this can be done only if you work passionately and actively on the minor repercussions that challenge your role as a strong entrepreneur.

2. You prefer taking Initiatives

If you were the captain of the school’s debate team or leader of the scout’s group, then chances are that you love taking initiatives and identify yourself as a self-starter. Self-starters are people who not only practice self-control and like-mindedness but tend to share that knowledge with the rest of their colleagues.

According to the study conducted in 2015, people with high self-control, patience and leadership attributes were 1.5 times more likely to address their concerns.

Self-starters of today are leaders of tomorrow. Their steps are molded with determination and practicality. Each idea is carefully thought with a back-up plan so that their decision wouldn’t affect the people who are agreeing to join them on their initiative.

3. You want to climb in the footsteps of a successful entrepreneur

We get it-you’re inspired by the lifestyle of an entrepreneur who belongs to your familial roots, and somehow, wish to head in the same direction. According to the Young Entrepreneurs Study or ‘The YES Study’,  almost 50% of entrepreneurs today owe their success to the inspiration they got from a fellow businessman in their family.

Children who look up to their parents who are doing a nine to five job are compelled to think of it as the only way of providing financial stability to their family. Doing business is usually considered risky. Therefore, such families bring up their children with a mindset that doesn’t allow them to strive for success or contentment by working as entrepreneurs. Therefore, preference is given to stability – but that doesn’t mean that a budding entrepreneur in your household will acquire mental stability by doing a nine to five grind.

4. Your Charisma outshines your Personality

We don’t want you to be completely modest or humble when it comes to boasting about your charism. This trait is very necessary as it will going to help you uplift your public appearances, since doing business is all about negotiating with the other party.

 Entrepreneurs have a quality known as “emotional contagion” that allows them to get the upper hand of any conversation or situation by mimicking their opponent’s body language flawlessly.

5. You have an Overload of Creativity

Entrepreneurs are different. Even if they’re working behind a desk, they’re constantly thinking of creative ideas to achieve their goal. As an entrepreneur, every success step is considered an achievement. Even if it’s as simple as presiding over a meeting with a successful turnout.

If you think your company is the one that’s benefiting with your skills – think again. Even minor improvements in your presentation skills can go a long way. Similarly, Business Insider advocates “creativity” as the need of the hour. Around three-fourths of the entrepreneurs have the upper hand in generating out-of-the-box ideas in comparison to the 47%  of people from other professions.


It’s a big achievement for any entrepreneur to give on-the-spot yet out-of-the-box ideas. The mind of entrepreneurs is like a freshly wound clock – it doesn’t know when or how to stop, whether in adversity or excitement.

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